These Are All The Memes You Need To Survive Adulting

These Are All The Memes You Need To Survive Adulting


Adulting is tough. Good thing we have memes.

Memes are double-edged swords—one moment we laugh about it, the next we’re crying. Okay, maybe not literally but almost. With the natural self-depreciating humor it brings, we just can’t help but relate to any—if not all—of it. Basically, memes are somehow a part of the millennial lifeline. You can’t sit with us if you say “no.” RELATED: In Need Of A Laugh? Follow These Funny Fashion Instagrams And now that we’re in the process of “bill and debt collection” (see also: adulting), they couldn’t have served a better purpose than put ourselves down even more! Millennial adulting culture includes these funny macros that will keep you up at night. You’re welcome. I know we all need a few hours of self-depreciation.

1. How are you?

2. Anytime soon…

3. I put the “pro” in procrastination


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4. Weekly Routine


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5. I can show you the world…

6. Me either…

7. First Bumble message be like…

8. My hand slipped.

9. Shut it


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10. Be careful whatchu wish for

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