This is How Lovi Poe Instantly Brightens Her Skin

This is How Lovi Poe Instantly Brightens Her Skin


Find out the next-generation skin laser treatment that has A-list celebrities like Lovi Poe raving about the results. The best part? It’s time-efficient

For many, skin is a sore spot. Treating flaws on the skin is famously a time-sink, with so many different topical products and lengthy procedures involved. However, what if there was a way to get immediate visible results? This is where Belo’s ADVALight comes in. It is a next-generation yellow laser capable of producing two wavelengths in a single spot, making it the world’s only solid-state laser. Endorsing this innovative technology herself is actress Lovi Poe.

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Face the light

Lovi Poe, the new face for ADVAlight

A service like ADVALight is the perfect solution for people juggling busy schedules, and here’s why: it only takes 20 minutes to complete. Not only is this laser treatment quick and painless, but one session is also enough to create visible and lasting results. This is particularly fitting for on-screen talent like Lovi, who uses it to treat common concerns like acne and the scarring it leaves behind.

“Can you imagine—it’s actually part of my job [as an actress] to have clear skin, and yet there were still moments wherein I had a hard time [achieving the skin quality I needed to have]. Seeing the results from ADVALight just made me want to keep going,” shares Lovi to Belo. Certainly, it is a time-efficient solution that takes healing skin and busy schedules into account.

Lovi Poe for Belo

Illuminating results

Belo’s innovative solid-state yellow laser is capable of solving multiple skin problems all in one treatment. In particular, ADVAlight is recommended for the immediate reduction of vascular lesions, melasma, acne scars, and wrinkles. It can also address concerns like redness, hyperpigmentation, oiliness, acne, and large pores.

Laser and light technology in dermatology has been developing for years, with the current body of research noting a high efficacy rate as a treatment for skin conditions like melasma. Lasers that use yellow light wavelengths are particularly promising in this field as patients with facial telangiectasia observed improvements after a single session. All this is possible because lasers can target problem areas on a molecular level, without damaging the surrounding skin, tissue, or cells.

To see how an ADVALight session with Belo would go, watch Lovi’s experience in the video below:

Photos: BELO

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