Exclusive: Suzanne Santos Of Aesop On The Years Spent Perfecting The Exalted Eye Serum 

Exclusive: Suzanne Santos Of Aesop On The Years Spent Perfecting The Exalted Eye Serum 


An exclusive interview with Suzanne Santos of Aesop Skincare on how its slow-moving skincare ethos ensures quality products.

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Known for its chic amber bottles, minimalist labels and relaxing scents that defer from conventional advertising, AESOP is a skincare brand that has gained a cult following. But not merely for its aesthetics but mainly through word-of-mouth and the holistic experience that they deliver in their stores. The Australian clean beauty brand values straightforward messaging and presentation that makes the product’s quality speak for itself. 

Case in point: spending time in their Greenbelt 5 store is almost therapeutic. Inspired by brutalist architecture, the store features expansive curves that give off a modern, tranquil cave feel and with a luxurious concrete sink at the center of it all. This is where customers can test out all their products and learn more about it with the store advisers. This is what makes the AESOP store visit a ritualistic experience as it invites you to take your time and indulge yourself in finding the best product for you.

“In terms of store design, we seek sincere and authentic solutions, stripping away everything that feels to us too obvious or literal; it is our aim to stimulate all the senses and keep a healthy balance between mind and body,” shares Suzanne Santos, Aesop’s Chief Customer Officer. In our exclusive e-mail interview, she highlights the priority of servicing their customers at the highest caliber. “Our relationship with our customers is never a simply transactional one: it is also educational, prescriptive and sensorial.”

From skincare to body care and even perfumes, the brand is in constant expansion, but Suzanne explains that they always stand by their slow-moving skincare ethos. 

“Healthy skin cannot be rushed. The value of time is central to Aesop’s philosophy of skincare. Quality ingredients, treated with the utmost respect, are used in formulations and refined through years of acquired wisdom and experience.”

As part of the Skin Care+ range, the latest release from Aesop is the Exalted Eye Serum which is potent with essential ingredients such as niacinamide and vitamin C. “The Exalted Eye Serum was created in this same spirit. The years of care and consideration that went into the formulation shine through in the gentle yet fortifying effect on the delicate skin of the eye area,” Santos describes it as. 

Since the undereye is also more fragile than the rest of the face, they decided to do a lightweight yet substantive serum base that can be easily absorbed by all skin types but still deliver the targeted amount of hydration. “The Exalted Eye Serum contains generous amounts of vitamins which work together to nourish, bolster and balance the skin around the eyes, supporting its optimum health and helping to even its appearance,” Santos explains further about how it counters visible signs of fatigue. 

With a silky-smooth texture and the right amount of a soothing earthy scent that adds an aromatherapy aspect, the Aesop Exalted Eye Serum hydrates the under-eye area without leaving a greasy feeling. I’ve personally noticed that my eyes look brighter and my concealer lays on more seamlessly after continuous use. 

It is also ideal for mature skin since we are prone to dehydration due to the significant lack of natural oil production in the area as we age. However, Santos highlights that Aesop views aging as a dignified process. “The marks of [the skin’s] progress should be embraced as signs of wisdom, not obscured as a shameful stigma. Besides, any promise of regaining youthful-looking skin is not just predatory: it is also patently false. Aging and individuality—rather than an unattainable, digitally engineered uniformity—are seen as elements of a life well-lived,” she affirms. “When discussing skincare at Aesop, we focus primarily on optimizing the skin’s health by addressing its current condition and identifying products that will unequivocally meet its needs.”

Aesop is located at Greenbelt 5 and Rockwell. They are also available online at aesopskincare.ph.

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