Templora Dermatologica and Merz Aesthetics® Launch MASJ MYSELF, the First Aesthetic App in the Philippines

Templora Dermatologica and Merz Aesthetics® Launch MASJ MYSELF, the First Aesthetic App in the Philippines


As a pioneer in the field of aesthetic medicine, Templora Dermatologica transforms beauty ideals into acts of self-love through a new innovation in partnership with Merz Aesthetics®

Times are changing, and most of the world heavily relies on the latest technology in order to keep up with the trends. Social media becomes a standard rather than a past-time, as countless users would scroll through their Facebook and Instagram feeds to find photos of gorgeous models or influencers living the dream. Most of you might think that beauty is out of reach and only exists on the computer screen, but it can now be at the palm of your hand with the exceptional services of Templora Dermatologica and how its partnership with Merz Aesthetics® promotes self-love with just a click of a button. 

The pioneer of aesthetic medicine

All medical aesthetic procedures are performed by licensed doctors to ensure that the desired results are achieved.

Established in 2006 in the City of Malabon, Templora Dermatologica promotes inclusivity in beauty and aesthetics with a relaxing environment catering to self-love and enhancing natural beauty. For 16 years, Templora Dermatologica’s contributions to the beauty industry have always been up-to-date, offering the latest treatments in facial and skin care, anti-aging, cosmetic surgery, weight management, and wellness. 

Templora Dermatologica first started out with only five beds, but is now operating seven medical and aesthetic clinics all around the country. The rapid growth of the brand as an aesthetic clinic was built from the testimonies of satisfied customers and high-quality customer services by their expert staff. “Our first-time patients are always pleasantly surprised when they first visit the clinics, as they have the feel of a high-end medical center,” Dr. Iris Templora, Medical Director at Templora Dermatologica, said. “Our medical and aesthetics team are professionally and medically qualified, and undergo regular training to update their knowledge and expertise.”

Since the beginning, modern and effective treatments have been the focus of Templora Dermatologica services, just like Ultherapy®, a procedure that harnesses the power of ultrasound to boost collagen and enhance natural beauty. This is a non-invasive and non-surgical method in partnership with Merz Aesthetics®. Ultherapy® has long since been popular among beauty enthusiasts since they do not have to resort to drastic measures or surgical procedures in order to achieve the results that they once thought to be out of reach. “Being in the industry for all these years, we have learned that once you earn the trust and confidence of the patients because of the level of service you provide, they will remain loyal to the brand,” Dr. Templora remarked.

Begin your journey to self-love

Both Templora Dermatologica and Merz Aesthetics® believe that beauty is inclusive and attainable for everyone, and that existing beauty can be enhanced by loving yourself enough to invest in healthy aesthetic treatments to achieve your best look. It can even be done with just a simple click of a button, which is the inspiration for the first aesthetic loyalty app in the Philippines by Merz Aesthetics®, MASJ MYSELF.

They strive in providing the best treatments, procedures and services to their patients, who deserve nothing less. That is what they call the “Templora Touch”.
Merz Aesthetics® developed the app with loyalty perks and self-love in mind.

“MASJ MYSELF is a first-of-its-kind loyalty program available in the Philippine aesthetic market that helps patients with their beauty journey with just a click of a finger,” Dr. Templora explained. The app promotes self-love by making the information on aesthetics available in its interface, producing beauty filters, and providing exciting rewards for the consumers that they can redeem in select centers like Templora Dermatologica. “This is one of our ways of providing better service to our patients and clinics.” 

The internet is a double-edged sword. You can either feel down about not having the time of your life or use the beautiful things you see to inspire yourself in seeking enhancement through self-love. As Dr. Templora suggests: “Through the MYSELF app, patients can discover a life-changing way to see beauty, enhance the little things that uniquely define and inspire them, and embrace the magical wonders of self-discovery.” 

Download the MYSELF app by Merz Aesthetics® in Google Play and Apple App Store. For more info on treatments and purchasing their skin care regimen at the comfort of their homes, you may visit the website of Templora Dermatologica.

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