After 10 Years, Designer Renz Reyes Returns to His Own Label

After 10 Years, Designer Renz Reyes Returns to His Own Label


A master of embellishments and patternmaking, designer Renz Reyes returns to his post in fashion—all set for a great comeback

This One To Watch feature is an excerpt from MEGA’s July 2023 Issue

It’s about time designer Renz Reyes emerged from the shadows and into the light of fashion. After working behind the scenes, he’s bringing back his own name to the game. What is he hiding up his sleeves? More than a decade’s worth of experience, passion, and hunger for his fashion revival.

Designer Renz Reyes

Reyes has a Fine Arts degree but has always been interested in clothes. So after graduating college, instead of pursuing  a career in advertising, he took a short course in fashion. There he learned the basic skills he needed since he already had a design background from joining a few design competitions in school. 

Working as a designer for a brand for the past 10 years has really molded the kind of clothes Reyes designs. As someone who specialized in embroidery and textile development, he describes his clothes as visual and tactile—something meant to be seen and felt, as there’s a lot of craft involved in the garments.

Designer Renz Reyes
Designer Renz Reyes

“I tend to have a chaotic design process,” Reyes shares. “Nothing is ever final. I love delving in research and exploring different themes and stories. But throughout the process, the journey is ever changing. Ideas that were once good in your head at the beginning don’t translate from pen to paper. And I’ve learned to adapt quickly.”

For his recent collection, the designer continuously explored the notions of embroidery and embellishments, this time contextualized in a different way. Reyes is simply happy that a lot of artists are embracing embroidery today. But, this also means that it’s a constant challenge to show something new and differentiate oneself. To show that he’s not too reliant on adornment, he’s currently exploring more pattern cutting and tailoring techniques. 

Designer Renz Reyes

His advice to young designers? First, get motivated. Reyes admits that being in fashion is hard and opportunities are scarce. There’s great value in being really passionate about one’s craft in order to thrive in the industry.

Read more about Renz Reyes’ next genesis in MEGA’s July 2023 issue, now available on ReadlyMagzter, Press Reader and Zinio.

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