After The Noon is Breaking the Stereotype of DJ Life

After The Noon is Breaking the Stereotype of DJ Life


This DJ collective highlights how music-making can literally take you places so you can make a difference for your generation

In the evenings, the country’s streets are as alive as they are during the morning hustle and bustle, and we have the night social scene to thank for that. Because of the music blasting through the speakers of clubs and bars, one jolts awake to the sound that they can’t help but sway and groove with with their friends. Now, there is a DJ collective that will keep us up for all the good reasons, starting with their beats. Meet After The Noon. 

After The Noon DJ music Manila

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In an exclusive interview, DJs Arthur Tan and Ryle Alcantara, also known as ManilaJunkie, talked to MEGAStyle about how they are bringing their beats all over the world, and why our country’s music will never stop growing our roots everywhere through DJs and producers. 

Spinning the nights up

“We named the label After The Noon as a funny moniker for the DJ life,” Tan, the founder of the label, explained. “The stereotype is that DJs wake up late in the day or in the afternoon because their gigs usually run until 4 or 5 in the morning. We wanted to do a little nod to that form of hustle, and to the people who would come and are the reason our gigs can last until the morning.”

From February to September this year, Arthur Tan, Angela Rayos, Marco Pedro, HOEST, Roy De Borja, ManilaJunkie, and Shingen were booked and busy thanks to their back-to-back gigs all around the world.  After The Noon wrapped up several shows on their calendar, including their New York and Paris stops. Around Asia, they also visited Bangkok, Bali, Jakarta, and Singapore. 

After The Noon DJ music Manila

The founder commented, “[Bringing] some of our artists to different venues around the globe has been a great learning experience. At the end of each stop, I’m able to gain perspective on what kind of music is favored in the different countries and cities we’ve performed in. There is definitely some overlap with the Philippine scene, but of course, each city, crowd, and country brings its own unique kind of experience.”

Mixing in the learnings

Even with their trips around the world, the musicians made it a conscious effort to add a  Filipino flavor into their mixes. Ryle shared, “[I incorporate] music produced by local artists and my friends, whether it be an original, remix, or edit. I also encourage my fellow peers to produce and release their own music.” 

After The Noon DJ music Manila

Apart from seeing the world and playing for a variety of audience in every city or country, part of the artists’ initiative is changing the misconceptions that the profession holds. “Just like any creative career path, there’s a lot of skill and care that goes into being a DJ. [It]is also about keeping our library unique and up-to-date, preparing music, song selection, reading the crowd, balancing the EQs, and beat-matching to make the listening experience seamless. We want to make sure that the crowd is having a great time for two, three, [and even] four hours straight consistently,” Ryle explained. 

After The Noon DJ music Manila

Only in its second year, After The Noon has proven that making art can get you places. True enough, their creativity and passion goes after the noon. They spin beyond time so people can listen and move from where they stand. 


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