AIRE, The Brand For The Modern Gentleman

AIRE, The Brand For The Modern Gentleman


The new sustainable brand, AIRE, releases their first collection inspired by the European summers with a Filipino twist.

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When it comes to natural resources and materials, we can only look at our country’s abundance. In agriculture, heritage, and creativity— it is a vast field we have yet to explore. But as we slowly dive into the world of sustainability, local designers and brands added their own touch of expertise to bring us closer to our heritage. 

A new interpretation of menswear rises as they merge tradition and technology. With their utilization of discarded pineapple leaves for textile and giving additional income for farmers, AIRE, the newest sustainable brand under Creative Definitions, ventures into design possibilities that includes our country’s tropical fabrics. 

As the founders Mike and Banj Claparls release their first collection, AIRE gives us a range of clothing that pays tribute to the airiness of tropical dressing. Made to be breathable, comfortable, and crisp— it’s definitely a must-have piece for your daily ensembles. 

“The idea is that you can wear it from city to resort. AIRE is all about form and function with less fuss.”

Luis Espiritu, Creative Director of AIRE

In their production, AIRE works closely with the Philippine Textile Research Institute (PTRI) as they convert natural fibers to wearable yarns with their technology. No material is wasted as they go through a tedious process to create the pineapple tropical fabric we know today. 

“Like linens, our pineapple tropical fabrics are light, airy, and ideal for creating tropical-inspired garments.”

Mike Claparols, Founder of AIRE

The selection embodies the elegance of a modern day gentleman with its structured silhouettes, refined lines, and calming hues. Laid back and relaxing, the designs are reminiscent of the European summer style with a touch of Filipino flair. 

Another tribute the brand highlighted with their designs was a visionary in the sugar industry. Known as “The Father of Mechanized Sugarcane Farming,” Ed Claparols was a firm believer of regenerative farm practices that ensures healthy plant growth. 

Alongside Claparols’ work and philanthropy, he is also known for his sophisticated style. A wardrobe that consisted of elegant menswear pieces such as blazers, bush jackets, and pocketed shirts— AIRE intends to keep Claparols stylish spirit alive through their designs. 

As a sustainable brand, they aim to be progressive in all aspects. With their use of natural fibers that are ethically sourced from pineapple and cotton farmers from Don Salvador Benedicto and Bayawan in Negros Occidental, the team is dedicated to support the local farmers.

Sustainable, progressive, and innovative— founders Mike and Banj Claparols hopes that AIRE will be a brand that brings pineapple tropical fabric to the forefront of fashion and a platform that brings more livelihood for Negros-based artisans and farmers.

For more information, visit AIRE on Instagram.

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