Before the “I Do”, the Aivee Bride Collection Readies Your Skin for the Big Day

Before the “I Do”, the Aivee Bride Collection Readies Your Skin for the Big Day


Achieve the best bridal glow for a memory worth treasuring forever with the Aivee Bride Collection of treatments

In the milestones of life, there may be no other occasion more emotional and eventful than a wedding. Tying the knot takes heavy planning and a multitude of moving parts to come together and create an event perfect for the picture books. It’s one commitment after another—dates, locations, attires, and especially all the suppliers and partners who make this momentous occasion possible. Whether the couple envisions a grand celebration for a memory to last a lifetime, or an intimate gathering for a solemn occasion with friends and family, a wedding is no easy feat to pull off.

But amid catering to all the external parties for the big day, do you still have time to prepare the most important part of the celebration—yourself? Having time for rest and pampering is definitely part of the preparation, and The Aivee Clinic is more than happy to be the bearer of beauty for the bride-to-be.

As a leading name in aesthetics and beauty, ​​The Aivee Clinic now gives every woman a bigger reason to include them in their big day preparations with The Aivee Bride Collection. This curated list of tried and tested facial, skin tightening, and vitamin drip treatments help brides-to-be achieve the best bridal glow.

First on the list is the newest treatment of The Aivee Clinic that has caught the attention of many. Aivee Clinic’s Sofwave Treatment is the latest buzz in skin tightening and lifting using ultrasound technology, with results improving over time while you continue wedding plans so that on the big day, your skin will look its smoothest. This treatment comes after a skin assessment with one of the clinic’s board-certified dermatologists.

After Aivee Sofwave™, the perfect next step would be Aivee Protégé. This well-loved treatment by many patients maintains skin tightness for a lasting, youthful appearance. 

Aivee Potenza is another skin tightening treatment that also improves blemishes on the skin and addresses acne and to keep skin rejuvenated. This RF microneedling procedure is customizable to your preferences, and its result has been lauded by global celebrities like Kim Kardashian. Are you conscious of whether or not the photographer will capture your “angle”? The crowd-favorite Aivee Evoke can help make your every face angle stunning. In this 45-minute procedure, skin is lifted to contour the face and slim down chubby cheeks and double chins.

For exfoliation and caring for your skin’s feel, the three-step process of the Aivee Tornado Facial infuses anti-aging and antioxidant serum deep into the skin for a true glow. The Aivee Crystal Black Peel, on the other hand, deeply exfoliates the skin while controlling sebum production and improving the appearance of pores. These make great surprise gifts to future brides with results you can definitely feel.

Let your head-turning glow shine as you walk down the aisle with the Aivee Gentle Laser Pore, a treatment which smoothes skin texture and targets acne marks by rejuvenating the skin and reducing the appearance of pores. For a healthier look, try the Aivee Shining Bright which addresses dark spots and acne breakouts.

Health-focused treatments include Aivee Onda Body, a three-in-one procedure that targets body fat, loose skin, and the appearance of cellulites. Whether you want to tone your abs, arms, or thighs, this treatment will surely have you reminiscing on your wedding photos fondly in the future. And of course, with all the videos and photos that will be taken that day, the Aivee Platinum Drip will make sure you look young and beautiful with its potent anti-aging infusion with anti-wrinkle and antioxidant benefits.

Do you want the best bridal glow for your big day? Send over your “I do” and schedule an appointment for the Aivee Bride Collection by visiting their website, and keep posted on all things Aivee by following them on Instagram.

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