Aivee Revive by the Aivee Clinic is the Newest Prejuvenation Treatment in the Philippines

Aivee Revive by the Aivee Clinic is the Newest Prejuvenation Treatment in the Philippines


The Aivee Clinic hosted its summer soiree at the Grand Hyatt’s Grand Pavillion to introduce their latest injectable fillers.

The Aivee Clinic is dedicated to remaining at the forefront of aesthetic technology to continuously serve its loyal customers with the newest and most advanced treatments. “This is really an evolving field, there is something always new to discover,” said Dr. Aivee Tao, president and medical director of the Aivee Clinic. She also emphasized the need for taking proactive steps to maintain and enhance the skin’s well-being. “It’s really important to take care of ourselves before aging starts,” added the dermatologist and expert in injectable fillers. Staying ahead of potential skin issues helps ensure that it stays vibrant and healthy for the long term.

heart evangelista
UltherapyPH Ambassador Heart Evangelista at the Aivee Clinic’s Summer Soiree.

While there are numerous options for skin rejuvenation, the Aivee Revive treatment stands out as a proactive solution. As Dr. Z Teo explains, ‘Prejuvenation means taking action before issues arise.’ The Aivee Revive is designed to boost your skin’s health, helping you stay ahead of the game and maintain a youthful glow. This innovative treatment is your key to radiant, healthy skin. 

The Belotero® Revive

The quest for radiant skin has become increasingly popular in a society obsessed with taking selfies and content consumption. Merz Aesthetics® introduces a unique dermal filler combining Glycerol with cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid to enhance hydration and improve skin elasticity, firmness, and structure—the ideal skin quality.

Dr. Aivee & Dr. Z Teo led the introduction of Aivee Revive.

With so many skincare brands and products available, it can be tempting to try a multi-step routine with at least 5-10 products to achieve great skin. Belotero® Revive simplifies your skincare routine and gives your skin an instant glow. It is perfect for dull, acne-prone, dry, and hyperpigmented skin. It also helps with fine lines, rough skin texture, and dullness and works well with fillers, toxins, lasers, or other treatments you may already use.

aivee clinic
The Aivee Leaguers

The Aivee Revive treatment introduces a concept with immediate and long-lasting results. “Prejuvenation” ensures results for 9-12 months, providing a long-term solution to your skin concerns. “This is the only one that managed to put into a syringe, (Glycerol) together with Hyaluronic Acid. And when we place it in, it reduces the inflammation in the skin and hydrates the skin cells—so, you get this Revive Glow. So, for those people in the room that have done it, they look like they have this glow in their skin,” Dr. Z Teo explained. The powerful combination of hyaluronic acid and glycerol delivers exciting and lasting results with this new product. “It’s pretty amazing,” the impressed doctor added, reassuring you of the treatment’s effectiveness.  

You can find the Aivee Clinic at any of its locations: Aivee Clinic Commerce Center Alabang, Aivee Clinic SM Megamall Fashion Hall, Aivee Clinic Vertis North, Aivee Clinic Fort BGC, and the Aivee Institute Fort BGC. 

To learn more about Aivee Revive, visit, follow @theaiveeclinic on Facebook and Instagram, or call +639 17 728 3838/+639 69 223 0499. 

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