Alamat Announces 2nd Album ‘Isapuso’ on the PPOPCON Stage

Alamat Announces 2nd Album ‘Isapuso’ on the PPOPCON Stage


The six-member boy group is making a comeback and this time, they’re after our hearts

Philippine mythology teaches us that a manananggal, a creature that detaches its torso from the limbs, flies through the night and lures a victim. Its target? The beating heart. And if there is a group who knows this story well, one who is also on the chase to capture our hearts, it’s Alamat. 


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During their set at the 2023 PPOPCON, the six-member boy group announced that their second album, Isapuso, is finally coming soon! Adding to the excitement of Magiliws is director and creative chief officer Jason Paul Laxamana who teased what the next album is aĺl about. 

Pasulong, the first album, has established the boy group’s concept, as well as the range of their versatility in the tunes they can offer. Although the six tracks vary in beats and message, what binds them all together is the codes of identity that reflect the culture of every Filipino. Alamat itself, consisting of Taneo, Tomás, R-Ji, Alas, Mo, and Jao, represents different ethnicities found in the different parts of the Philippines. 


Their thoughtful process in representation manifests in their multilingual lyrics, the mixing of ethnic beats with foreign hip hop drills, and traditional dance steps with modern moves. In their stage performances, their outfits also exhibit each of the members’ backgrounds with embroidered emblems and weaved designs.  

In the PPOPCON stage last Sunday, the boy group began their set with “Gayuma.” After the full song number, they also did a medley of their tracks “Aswang,” “ILY ILY,” “Say You Love Me,” and “Hala.” The highlight of their stage act was their special performance of their hit “Maharani” with the Magiliw winners of the Hataw Auditions. 

Photos: ALAMAT (via Instagram)

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