Alden Richards’ 5 Key Lessons on the Art of Watch Collecting

Alden Richards’ 5 Key Lessons on the Art of Watch Collecting


Alden Richards sits down with MEGA Man to dish on his top watches, offering up lessons that every guy can take note of

When it comes to collecting watches, Alden Richards stands out among celebrities. In his recent MEGA Man Collects feature, the 31-year-old gentleman proudly displayed his collection, offering a peek into his considerations when acquiring watches. In the same video, he also imparted lessons on watch collecting that every man can benefit from. Here are some key takeaways for guys looking to invest in timepieces, straight from Alden Richards:

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Time to impress

Alden's watches
Cartier MC Tank Watch
Photo: CARTIER (via Website)

Talking about his Cartier MC Tank Watch, the actor emphasized the role his watches play at events and when meeting someone for the first time. It’s a shared understanding—we recognize that a quality watch is more than an accessory; it’s a silent introduction, making a lasting impression before words are even exchanged.

Watch wisely

Alden Richards' watch collection
Jaeger-LeCoultre Polaris Date GreenGradient
Photo: JAEGER-LECOULTRE (via Website)

Trends aren’t exclusive to clothing—they extend to watches, too. Sharing insights on his recent Jaeger-LeCoultre Polaris Date GreenGradient purchase, the actor pointed out that one of the reasons he purchased this is because of the rising popularity of monotone watches in the watch world. It’s a reminder that being a watch enthusiast isn’t always about timeless classics; keeping your collection aligned with the latest trends is just as important as ensuring your timepieces are stylish.

Sustaining stories 

Alden Richards' watch collection
Vacheron Constantin Malte
Photo: VACHERON CONSTANTIN (via Website)

Discussing his choice of the Vacheron Constantin Malte manual-winding, Alden Richards addressed the notion that splurging on expensive watches might seem unnecessary to some. However, he emphasized that for certain collectors, it goes beyond the price tag—it’s a matter of passing on a piece of history, where owning a watch becomes a responsibility to cherish and safeguard for those who will inherit it. “You do not own the watch; you take care of it for the next generation,” the actor mentioned.

The power of one

Alden's watch collection
Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Ceramic
Photo: AUDEMARS PIGUET (via Website)

Alden Richards keeps it simple yet powerful with his Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Ceramic, proving that sometimes, a single timepiece is the ultimate badge of honor for a watch collector. Among his collector friends, he shared that this watch acts as a silent affirmation of his passion. What sets this timepiece apart? Its versatility. The gentleman notes that it also effortlessly complements any outfit, making it a smart and worthwhile investment.

Horological charms 

The actor's watch collection
Patek Philippe 5167A-001 Aquanaut
Photo: PATEK PHILIPPE (via Website)

Closing the lineup, the Five Breakups and a Romance star proudly presents his top pick: the Patek Philippe 5167A-001 Aquanaut, a selection that resonates with its intricate and rare qualities. It’s a choice that clearly aligns with Alden’s appreciation for exceptional timepieces. He also shared that this watch, along with others, frequently graces his social media, while emphasizing that for him, wearing watches is deeply personal. Reflecting on his journey from a reserved individual to a public figure, Alden reveals that, somehow, his watches serve as personal emblems, boosting his confidence—a testament to how a watch can be more than just an accessory.

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