Alden’s Body of Work

Alden’s Body of Work


Alden Richards opens up about reshaping his perspective on life and being at his fittest self—physically and spiritually

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Below is an excerpt from MEGA Man’s July 2022 cover story. 

Richards has become a morning person. And by morning, he means he wakes up at 5:30, drinks his coffee, works (a lot of times on his businesses), works out for at least an hour and a half a day, then goes on with his usual full day. 

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He only eats once, starting at 2 p.m. And he doesn’t count calories anymore. He does CrossFit, which he says has worked perfectly for him recently. 

“I started working out when I was 17,” he recalls. He’s now 30 years old. “Through those years, I’ve tried so many kinds of workout routines and diets. Ang dami kong ginaya, ang daming nagturo. I acquired all that I learned and found a combination that works best for me. I think this is my fittest in my lifetime.” 

“Ang dami kong ginaya, ang daming nagturo. I acquired all that I learned and found a combination that works best for me. I think this is my fittest in my lifetime.” 

Alden Richards

He adds, “Whatever works for you.” At some point, he reveals, he breaks his own rules because “life is too short.” Shrugging, he says, “Also, you reach a plateau. ’Pag masyadong strict, you end up not getting results because your body needs to reset. Pag nag-plateau, you start getting anxious, you feel depressed, you feel deprived. Every now and then you get breaks.”

It is a lifestyle, he concludes: “I don’t do it anymore because I’m preparing for a role or a project, or I feel that I need to maintain a certain figure. I’m happy doing it.” 

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The shift in perspective when it comes to health and fitness spilled over to his attitude toward his life’s choices, and rightfully so, for someone who aims to achieve balance. Through his fittest self, he has found a stronger soul. 

The moments that led to this shift came sporadically, usually after a memorable encounter. But one thing Richards has learned throughout his years in showbiz and being a businessman is to never make decisions when one is emotional. “Always decide on a neutral mood,” he says, seemingly reminding himself. “Medyo gano’n ako. I have started learning not to do that. Kailangan ko siyang i-contain.”

His business decisions, at least, have been made after months, even years, of careful planning. The prolific endorser now owns four branches of Concha’s Garden Café (the fifth one was closed during the pandemic), a business which started sometime in 2017, when, as a foodie, he frequented one branch, in Laguna, where his family lives. His current business partner encouraged him to help her expand the restaurant, until it has become what it is today. 

Richards also invests in stocks, owns one McDonald’s branch, and is currently working on a real estate business with his father. In his free time, he studies business, and even took up lessons privately. He also has a small group of longtime businessmen friends, who allowed him to gain more knowledge about his ventures. He’s the youngest in that group. 

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These ventures, he says, taught him to leave his comfort zone, and be more forward-thinking when it comes to his hard-earned money. But, like many parts of his life, some of them have taught him more about his life’s purpose. 

Case in point: A portion of Richards’ income goes to AR Foundation, a group he founded to send underprivileged kids to school. 

One day, in 2019, Richards was at the opening ceremony of his McDonald’s branch. The whole day was frenzied and filled with energy, as some of his fans came to the ceremony to see him. He remembers being in the café area when a teenager approached him, bringing what looked like a diploma. 

“‘Sino kaya ’to?’” he remembers thinking. “Sabi niya, ‘Sir Alden, Ako po ’yong napa-graduate niyo ng electrical engineering.’ I was so shocked. I’ve been sending these kids to school and yet I don’t know them personally.” The recent graduate thanked him profusely. When the day was done, Richards went home, embraced the quiet, and cried by himself. 

Read more about how Alden Richards is changing his definition of success while being in his best form in MEGA Man’s July 2022 issue now available on ReadlyMagzter, Press Reader and Zinio.

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