Alden Richards is Risking it All For His Cinematic Comeback

Alden Richards is Risking it All For His Cinematic Comeback


Four years since his last film, Alden Richards bets on Five Break-ups and a Romance to welcome a side of him that is ready for more risks

For individuals who live with every word and action magnified by many, celebrities later on learn the art of calculated answers and held back honesty. To some, especially for fans, a vague interview response is a puzzle that is left for them to be solved. A game of moves, if you will. And in this match of authenticity, Alden Richards—who makes a big screen comeback with Five Break-ups and a Romance—has a newfound sense of courage today to win.

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Alden Richards Five Break-Ups and A Romance movie
Maroon suit by ZIGGY SAVELLA

Just in time for his return to the big screen with Five Break-ups and A Romance, the actor shared to MEGA Entertainment his moves on making bold choices and even bolder risks on life and love. 

Moves in the making

Alden Richards Five Break-Ups and A Romance movie
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For those who know him, Alden’s affinity for taking risks is not just from his choice of projects. It was also from playing games like Mobile Legends and Genshin Impact. Stepping outside the worlds of make-believe, choices have more consequences—and he is much aware of this. “I am done playing inside my comfort zone,” the host-producer firmly declared. 

Years ago, he gambled on what would be one of the biggest breakthroughs in his show business career—finding himself entangled in a kalyeserye love story of sorts with Maine Mendoza. The two may have gone their separate ways in 2018, but their impact remains today. 

Alden Richards Five Break-Ups and A Romance movie

When a once solid pairing with a strong fanbase decides to go their separate ways, we know how their story goes—one or both parties tend to avoid questions about it, or if we’re lucky, they answer them but in a jiffy. It’s a move to keep their individualities in check. But for Richards, it was merely a casual bringing up of his past partner. “[Coldplay] was my first band concert, actually! I was with Maine,” he shared when he saw a concert lanyard used by a member of the editorial team. Hours after the shoot with MEGA Entertainment, he then admitted on live television that he fell for Maine Mendoza. 

Some may see his newest movie with Kapamilya actress Julia Montes as a breath of fresh air, a new path for him. But as his past moves prove, the game of risks is one he plays best. And now, more than ever. “I’m in my early 30s. Level up na tayo. I’m always so hungry for learnings and experiences because ang sarap lagi ng moment na ‘Ah, ganito pala siya!’”

The weight of the game

Alden Richards Five Break-Ups and A Romance

“Lance is a gambler in all aspects.” This is how the Kapuso star begins describing his newest role. “One time big time, happy-go-lucky. Sa journey [niya,] marami siyang ganu’n. Sagot lang siya nang sagot. But the journey of Lance is all about maturity. As the movie [progresses], doon niya marerealize na minsan, kapag may big decisions ta’s hindi pinag-iisipan ng one hundred thousand, million times, medyo masakit siya kapag reality hits you. In life, we make big decisions. You don’t think of that overnight. Hindi mo siya parang masasagot after the question is asked. It takes time.”

To some, risks look like rash decisions. The immediate and impulsive response adds to the adrenaline rush. But for the actor who is now introspective with his craft, answering yes may be thoughtful, but still a brave choice nonetheless. 

Apart from director Irene Villamor whom he has worked with in the past, everything else was new to Alden—his lead costar being the biggest of them all. “Julia was on the table already. Who am I to say no?” he recalled. 

Also putting his cards out on the table, the Five Break-ups and A Romance star opened up that another pairing was a factor in his momentary hesitation in accepting the project. Describing the love team culture as a “Fake it ‘til you make it” phase, he offered his thoughts on it. “When you want to push a love team, you don’t tell them what to do. You let them. At the end of the day, they’re individuals.”

“Julia and I, walang pinilit. Our ideals in life, our ethics, principles—very similar. And our audience, especially the Filipinos, they’re very smart people. Anything that we have right now are all organic. That’s why our chemistry and kilig factor come naturally.” 

The master player’s lessons

Alden Richards Five Break-Ups and A Romance movie

With his movie comeback after more than four years, Alden decided to go all in front and behind the camera. Besides this film as his return to the big screen, Myriad Entertainment, his company, is also producing Five Break-ups And A Romance, apart from GMA Pictures and Cornerstone Studios. 

Ang sarap lang na we are learning a lot from the production outlets that [have been here for the longest time]. I get to enjoy the best of both worlds and it’s very rewarding,” he shared. 

After getting on his games—his Final Fantasy VIII experience or his tapings and shootings—Richards still finds himself playing after all these years. Why? His perspective constantly evolves and grows. As an artist, he believes in the power of the craft now more than ever. Looking at it on a global scale, the actor is growing to develop his eyes as a producer. “Right now, the way Filipinos create films, create teleseryes, content…kaya na natin eh. Nakikita ko siya. I strongly believe in Filipino craftsmanship in terms of production and creation of content. Kaya nating sumabay sa [foreign productions].”

But as much as he has acknowledged the domino effect of making moves, Alden Richards emphasized the power of individual action to enforce an eventual, collective impact. Concluding the interview, the actor shared the lesson he as a risk taker on and off-screen, has learned. “We are always susceptible to wrong decisions, and sometimes, wrong people. Hindi lang sa showbiz. One way or another, there are people who will break your heart. Heartbreaks are not always in the romantic spectrum. Pwede kang magkamali, as long as itama mo ‘yung mali.”

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