Alessandro Michele Departs as Creative Director of Gucci

Alessandro Michele Departs as Creative Director of Gucci


After seven years of groundbreaking creativity, Alessandro Michele exits Gucci

Seven years ago, a new look was introduced in Gucci. It was rather distinct with its highly maximalist look and nuisance aesthetic that was admittedly polarizing to some at first, but over the years, it has been a staple and transformative identity for the brand. We were brought into a world that had a fresh take, and it has been an unforgettable era for Gucci with its influential impact in the fashion industry.

Seven years of groundbreaking creativity, but the time has come for Gucci to be led to a new direction. 

Just today, Gucci announced the immediate departure of its Creative Director, Alessandro Michele. There is no doubt that Michele’s contributions to the House and Kering have been astronomical. Ever since his arrival in 2014, Gucci skyrocketed Kering’s growth with a revenue of €17.63 billion recorded back in 2021—55% of which was courtesy of Gucci.

Though recently, Gucci has been facing quite the turmoil because of its slow growth. And while some can argue that the luxury fashion brand is still reviving from the effects of the pandemic, François-Henri Pinault, the Chairman of Kering, isn’t assured that Michele can make an impressive comeback for Gucci this time around. 

It is alarming to see the sudden turnaround for Gucci, but just like fashion, things tend to go the opposite in order to bring forth a new form of creativity. And while Michele had an outstanding performance over the past seven years, Gucci is now opened its door to a new creative chapter—one that we are all anticipating to see.

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