Alex Gonzaga Reflects on Loss, Faith, and Life With Her Sister, Toni

Alex Gonzaga Reflects on Loss, Faith, and Life With Her Sister, Toni


In a heartfelt conversation with her sister, Alex Gonzaga reflects on her second pregnancy loss and how she is keeping the faith through her journey

The industry has always known Alex and Toni Gonzaga as sisters in tandem. From their frenemies stage growing up to building a strong bond as they got older, their fans have always admired how they support each other through everything. This time around, the older Gonzaga sister brought Alex to Toni Talks as they talked about the latter’s second pregnancy loss. 

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In October 2021, the content creator opened up on her first pregnancy journey. According to her, she and her husband, Mikee Morada, decided to share what they went through to also inspire other couples or families. Two years later, she had a one-on-one with her older sister, this time reflecting on her second pregnancy loss. MEGA Entertainment rounds up the lessons that mothers, couples, and even the regular audience can learn from the Gonzaga sisters. 

Share your journey

For some, feeling any form of loss and grief also comes with shame or guilt for having to go through a hard time. We even tend to worry that asking for help means bothering others. However, having an outlet for all your pain and troubles is a courageous step closer to healing. Just like Alex, you can talk to a confidant like Toni so you can have a hand to hold. Blogs, forums, or comments can also be a source of strength if you want to converse with people online. 

Alex Gonzaga Toni pregnancy loss vlog

In her recent post, the vlogger expressed her gratitude on Instagram for those who sent well wishes their way. “Sharing one’s motherhood journey is never easy because it brings back all the pain and feeling of loss. But I have received so many messages from aspiring mothers who know exactly how I feel and whose longing I share. Maraming salamat sa inyo. Thank you for making me feel that I am never alone, that beyond the love and support of my family, I have your kind words to give me comfort and strength,” she wrote in her caption. 

Respect one’s timeline

In the same video, Alex admitted that the expectations of other people also affect her decision of having kids. “Kasi napepressure ako sa tao,” she pointed out. According to her, she also had a moment of discernment wherein God seemingly spoke to her and said, “Why are you in a rush to be pregnant?”

Alex Gonzaga miscarriage story

Until today, society still imposes its expectations on a woman’s timeline. Hearing the voices of many can cloud your judgment on decisions, from your career to your personal life. But at the end of the day, you only owe your life to yourself. Your life must be lived on your own terms. Only you can feel and decide if you are ready to pursue that dream job, settle down, or have a child at an age that you feel most comfortable and secure. 

Keep the faith

In their exchange, the younger Gonzaga sister honestly spoke out on the moments that tested her faith. Having gone through a difficult time, it made her realize the way she perceived her own life as well as the lives of others. It was through Mikee, according to her, that she found goodness in everything. “Ang saya-saya ko kahit tayong dalawa,” he would reassure his wife. “Sobrang bonus na lang ‘yung baby.”

Alex Gonzaga miscarriage story

She also reached a point wherein she compared herself to her ate, who welcomed her second child, Polly, in August of this year. “What do you do when you’re praying for something and everyone around you is getting it except you?” Toni asked her sister. 

“You just have to be happy sa mga blessing ng ibang tao kasi darating din ‘yung sa’yo,” Alex affirmed. 

Photos: ALEX GONZAGA (via Instagram)

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