All About the Basics: A Trend Breakdown of Bottega Veneta’s 2022/2023 Resort Collection

All About the Basics: A Trend Breakdown of Bottega Veneta’s 2022/2023 Resort Collection


Staying true to their simplistic yet effortless direction, Bottega Veneta’s Resort collection reminds us that we can never go wrong with the basics

Fashion often works as a pendulum. We have seen the switch from micro hemlines and sequined fabrics to maxi ensembles finished in neutral tones, all in a span of a few months. And while some houses and brands like to play with their collections, Bottega Veneta heads for a direction that takes us back to the necessities in our wardrobe. 

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Bottega Veneta Black Turtleneck

After his debut back in June, Matthieu Blazy’s arrival in Bottega Veneta has been the most talked about in the industry. A creative direction that centers around an undeniable simplicity combined with ultimate luxury, Bottega Veneta is all about keeping it cool and looking beautiful. 

Bottega Veneta Wine Leather Jacket

Keeping it neutral

At this point, neutrals have become a staple for most people—a versatile color palette that can be worn in any season, as well as its ability to radiate the ultimate chic aesthetic—Bottega Veneta utilizes this to tie their idea of luxurious simplicity and effortless cool together as seen on their coats, sweaters, and trousers. 

Bottega Veneta
Bottega Veneta Men Coat
Bottega Veneta

Pops of neon

To some, it might be polarizing to see pops of neon amidst the neutrals, but think of it as a playful combination. A rather free-spirited and easy going vibe, the neons on this collection goes to show a little color won’t hurt. While other pieces were kept simple by opting for a solid color, there are some others that explored striking patterns and distinct color combinations. 

Bottega Veneta Dress
Bottega Veneta Men's Coat
Bottega Veneta Sweatshirt Men

Monochrome look

Once you put together a good monochromatic look, you can’t deny the instant confidence boost it comes with. This is the very intention Matthieu Blazy had ever since he was appointed as Bottega Veneta’s new creative director. Going back to pieces that one would wear instead of it being a one-time piece. With a goal to not over-do their designs, their monochromatic looks such as their dark blue coat paired with leather trousers were finished with such minimalism that makes it look so easy and relaxed. 

Bottega Veneta Men Monochrome
Bottega Veneta Leather Outfit
Bottega Veneta Women Coat


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