All BTS Members are Now Serving in The Military—Here’s What You Need to Know 

All BTS Members are Now Serving in The Military—Here’s What You Need to Know 


Curious about BTS in the South Korean military? We’ve got the details from the discharge dates, their goodbye messages, and more

In a noteworthy move, renowned K-Pop group BTS has taken a big step as all its members have started their required military service in South Korea. This means that the won’t be making music or perfoming for a while. Fans around the globe are feeling the sadness over the long break, but it’s a crucial moment for the group, showing how duty calls even for global stars.

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Duty and dedication

BTS members bid farewell to J-Hope as he leaves for the military
BTS members bid farewell to J-Hope as he leaves for the military

Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jung Kook have stepped into their roles as responsible South Korean citizens, adhering to the mandatory military service duration of 18 to 21 months. This requirement, rooted in national defense and citizen discipline, transcends BTS’s temporary exit from the limelight. It symbolizes the group’s deep commitment to their homeland, a stance consistent with their global prominence. Even with the chance of exemption, the group chose to fulfill their duties, a decision underscored by BigHit Music’s statement, highlighting the honor they find in serving their country.

Pre-enlistment sentiments

BTS joins the military
Taehyung and RM embark on their military duty

The final quartet of BTS took a moment to bid farewell to their fans. RM, on Weverse, shared reflections on his decade with the group, expressing gratitude a day before his enlistment: “I was really happy to live as a BTS member over the past 10 years,” he noted. V shared his anticipation, saying, “Even though those I’ll be going to the military with may be younger than me, I think I’ll be able to learn new things.” Jung Kook, in a live session before enlistment, expressed gratitude for a busy but happy life, thanks to the fans. Finally, in a live broadcast, Jimin mentioned, “As we are going together, I’ll depend a lot on Jungkook. I’ll do my best and will come back healthy.”

The dates of their returns

Jin's send-off
BTS sending off Jin for military service

Suga, Jimin, JK, RM, and V are anticipated to complete their military service and be discharged in June 2025. Jin, who commenced his military service last December, is expected to conclude his duties by June 2024. Simultaneously, J-Hope is anticipated to complete his military service and be discharged in October 2024. BigHit Music has disclosed their intentions for the group to fully resume activities as a septet in 2025, following the discharge of all members.


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