All of Olivia Rodrigo’s Looks at the GUTS Tour

All of Olivia Rodrigo’s Looks at the GUTS Tour


The GUTS tour has begun, and Filipina-American singer Olivia Rodrigo is giving us pop girl realness with all her stage outfits.

The sartorial coming-of-age album GUTS is in the spotlight. After Olivia Rodrigo’s Disney career and her successful entry into the music scene with Driver’s License, the singer brings her hit-filled setlist and dazzling looks styled by Chloe and Chenelle Delgadillo around the world this 2024. Here’s a recap of all of her outfits while she takes the stage in style. 

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All That Glitter

Olivia shined in this glittery silver two-piece: a metallic triangle top paired with a miniskirt. The now-21-year-old is far from her Disney days, going for the daring and gutsy look.

Chains and Glitz

A simple black is timeless, but a chain overdress? Olivia brings all the sparkles to her look with a black co-ord and a chain overdress that features big coin sequins and gives us the perfect balance of glamor and edgy.

Rockstar Red

Olivia looked stunning in this fiery red sequin bodysuit with a plunging neckline and Wolford tights, then showed us how rock and roll is done. Stylist sisters Chloe and Chenelle Delgadillo really know what they’re doing!

Conquer the world—one boot at a time

Keeping up with the two-piece ensembles, Olivia took the stage in black—and in fishnets and boots. The singer is keeping in line with the record’s tone and giving us fresh, “twenty-something teenage girls” look and sound.

A Little Early 2000s Nod

Olivia knows how to do a good slogan, and this ‘I’m Just a Girl’ tank top, an ode to Gwen Stefani, says all that it needs to say. Paired with sparkly hot pants, it’s the perfect outfit to scream to Get Him Back, and the megaphone really adds to the allure.

Photos and Featured Image: KEVIN MAZUR and CRISTOPHER POLK (via Instagram)

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