All The Designers Kaila Estrada Wore On The MEGAStyle Cover

All The Designers Kaila Estrada Wore On The MEGAStyle Cover


Stepping out of the shadows, Kaila Estrada reinvents herself in the midst of lockdown, making sure to leave her own mark in the industry.

There’s this exquisite beauty in the art of reinvention. While this normally occurs in the midst of discomfort and life-altering experiences, such as the coronavirus pandemic, it’s really not something to fear. To adapt is not about burying your old self; rather simply adding a new dimension. And this was exactly what model and content creator, Kaila Estrada, thought while she was in solitary during the lockdown.

“For the first few months of quarantine, I started baking again. While falling back in love with this pastime, I started a small dessert business called GOODY,” she shares. “But content-wise, I learned to be more resourceful. I even started creating mini photoshoots inside my house. I’ve also been working on creating videos for my own YouTube channel.”

So, it was only fitting that as we put Kaila on the MEGAStyle cover, to showcase her ability when it comes to adapting what challenge she may face and falling back in love with her real passion. In line with our movements issue, this cover will all be about versatility and the ability to be a jack of all trades. As we redefine her beauty with a striking blush, in Ever Bilena, no less, we fashioned her in monotone goodness in the rich hue of red with complements of black. Unapologetic with feminine prowess, take a look at real Asian beauty at her finest in these designer ensembles.

Petite Fille


For the first look, Kaila Estrada shows us how a little girl would probably dress in the streets of the French capital. Wearing a little red dress accentuated by the “new look” silhouette by Paolo Miguel over a black Chris Nick bodysuit, the model looked no less than dainty and feminine.

Touch Me Not


Re-interpreting the old world glamour of the neo-classical movement, Kaila spreads her fan and struck this impeccable, fierce pose. Unbothered by the challenges of the changing times, the beauty stands tall and mighty in a ruched magenta dress with ruffles worn over a red patent leather blazer by Yves Camingue.

Into The Unknown


While oblivion could be feared by many, it’s only teaching us to seize the day. And proving that there’s nothing to be afraid of, Kaila Estrada goes in the black set wearing a chic red trench coat cinched with a black corset accentuated by a draped ribbon by Patty Ang.



With no time to waste in the world, the model and content creator also shows us to celebrate yourself and enjoy even your littlest of victories. In fact, much like the zeitgeist of the 70s focusing on feminism, Kaila celebrates her womanhood in this sparkling AJ Javier bra top worn over Yves Camingue’s sequinned suit number, and stilettos by Jefferson Si.

The Aviary


Soaring like a dove looking for an olive branch in times of darkness, Kaila Estrada nonchalantly faces the adversities of life with a great amount of inner peace. She shows off her effortless beauty wearing this red feathered-like fringe top by Debbie Co.

Photography DOOKIE DUCAY
Creative Direction NICOLE ALMERO
Fashion Direction and Styling DANIEL REYES
Beauty Direction MIKA REYES
Sittings Editor JEB FRONDA
Shoot Coordination PATRICIA RAMOS

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