All The Designers Pia Wurtzbach Wore On Her Making MEGA In Rio Cover

All The Designers Pia Wurtzbach Wore On Her Making MEGA In Rio Cover


Witness how Pia Wurtzbach sashayed her way into the fashionable seaside neighbourhood of Ipanema in Rio de Janeiro for her Making MEGA cover. 

No, she’s not just a beauty queen anymore—she’s more than that. We can’t deny the fact the tremendous pride that Pia Wurtzbach gave all Filipinos globally when she brought home the Miss Universe crown back in 2015. While she has greatly impacted a lot of people, especially the LGBTQIA+ community during her reign, we learned that she’s actually the super woman we all want to be.

When Pia ended her winning answer saying, “I want to show the world—the universe rather—that I am confidently beautiful with a heart,” she meant that. It wasn’t all for show, and we’re glad to even witness that in person. If one will actually compare Pia Wurtzbach amongst the other A-list celebrities in the country, you’ll instantly notice one characteristic of her that stands out: humility.

But then, as we get to know the beauty as time passed by and witnessed her career flourish with our own eyes, there’s another layer of her that radiates. She has this sheer dedication to take all the risks and pour out her heart to whatever she’s doing. Even after her stint as Miss Universe, she still made it a point to shed light on social issues that are prevalent in the country—which not all beauty queens are able to sustain.

“I want my voice to be heard. I want to feel and to know that my opinions matter and my voice matters. What I have to say matters to someone. I don’t want to be just like another person in this world who lived and never really made a mark,” she explains. “What makes me happy is when somebody comes up to me and says, ‘you know, you really inspired me, and thank you for changing my life.’”

So, perhaps at this point, it’s safe to say that Pia impeccably embodies the image of a modern Filipina. She’s smart, witty, and has a robust drive to be heard and make a change for the betterment of not only herself; rather of everyone’s well-being.

With this in mind, MEGA only saw it fitting to close our Making MEGA series with a second part, following that of JaDine’s iconic episode. For Pia Wurtzbach, we envisioned her to be strutting the neighbourhood of Ipanema, which is a great depiction of a true MEGA woman’s lifestyle. In addition to that, Pia Wurtzbach is reflective of the rich culture of it as both are risky and authentic.

Having the exquisite beach of Ipanema as her backdrop, MEGA’s Fashion Associate Lyn Alumno had this glamorous vision of garbing the beauty like a modern-day Cleopatra. Hence, she was dripping in gold and pearls wearing all of these ravishing gowns. Although, that’s not all of it, because Pia Wurtzbach also proves that she can do wonders on the other side of the fashion spectrum: street style.

Now, it’s about time to let her looks speak for itself and be mesmerized by our own version of the girl from Ipanema—none other than, Pia Wurtzbach.

Rising Up

Pia Wurtzbach Making MEGA in Rio

Pia Wurtzbach had a golden moment as she struck a pose wearing a sparkly sequinned gold gown by reverred couturier, Lesley Mobo.

On The Rocks

Giving us no less than sultriness under the scorching heat of the sun, Pia wore a black one-piece swimsuit. But the real pièce de résistance would undeniably be Chris Nick’s leather corset.

Go And Glow

Pulling off a shape-shifting chameleon look by the beach, the beauty donned a sheer gold knit dress by Jude Macasinag complemented by Chris Nick’s leather corset.

Standing Tall

Woven trench coat by NINA AMONCIO, Hi-top Parchment Chuck 70

Proving that she sure knows how to rock a street-ready ensemble, Pia wore a woven trench coat by Nina Amoncio over a black one-piece swimsuit, and finished off with a high-top parchment Chuck 70 by Converse.

Ready For Battle

Pia Wurtzbach Making MEGA in Rio

Pia dares to bring back the bike short trend in Ipanema as she contrasted it with an astonishing Jude Macasinag couture bomber jacket complete with embroideries and fresh water pearl embellishments. And those copper circles under the pearls? Well, those are actually old five centavo coins.

No Reservations

Our cover star also made a case for the athleisure trend as she donned a beautiful gold jacquard suit ensemble by Bessie Bessana. To complete her look, Pia paired it with a white high-top parchment Chuck 70 by Converse.

Back To Basics

You’ve probably heard the adage, “you can’t go wrong with the classics.” And frankly speaking, it’s true. After having countless of our cover stars always wearing show-stopping looks, we believe it’s also high time to go back to the basics. Hence, this layout with a white tee elevated by a stunning embellished bib by Jude Macasinag.

Golden Moment

Pia Wurtzbach Making MEGA in Rio

Finally, this is the shot worth all of our every effort as we come full circle with the Making MEGA series. Pia Wurtzbach is undaunted as she climbs on top of the cliff wearing a breathtaking gold embellished bodysuit by Neric Beltran complemented by a gold thigh-high strapped stilettos by Jefferson Si.

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