All The Designers Vern And Verniece Enciso Wore On Their Making MEGA Cover

All The Designers Vern And Verniece Enciso Wore On Their Making MEGA Cover


Set in the world-famous Selarón steps of Brazil, witness Vern and Verniece Enciso in their most daunting style, thus far, in their first-ever Making MEGA cover.

Way before being an “influencer” has been deemed a legit job and simply being cool, proving that you’re the hippest gal in the block, Vern and Verniece Enciso were one of the first few who ventured into being a digital nomad of the stylish sort. The forever fashionable siblings have blogged about their #OOTDs and their globe-trotting trips, and because of it, they were able to accumulate thousands of followers—ranging from Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and recently, even TikTok—supporting them on their business ventures. Needless to say, we are always on the lookout what’s next for the Enciso sisters.

Now more than ever, as the digital sphere is consistently being saturated by countless people across the world bandwagoning in the business of influencing, one thing was clear for the OGs such as Vern and Verniece: They needed to have a clear branding—a new one for that matter.

So, as they enter the next chapter of their lives as young Millennials, the Enciso sisters made a bold move as they try to reinvent their style for Making MEGA in Rio. Since the power duo has always been viewed as sweet, caring, and loving, that resonated so much in their choice of palette coordinates in what they wear, Fashion Associate Lyn Alumno and Style Editor RJ Roque envisioned them to channel their wild side, but inundated with femininity ala safari chic.

With the famed Escadaria Selarón being their backdrop, showcasing the unbridled energy of Brazil, the moment the two struck a powerful pose, it was a definitive juxtaposition against the beautiful mosaic tiles.

For the second round of their Making MEGA journey, we had another shoot with the digital mavens. This time, it’s their attempt to challenge, perhaps even disrupt, the landscape of social media by showing the duality of it in the reintroduction of MegaStyle on the digital plane. MEGA’s Digital Content Editor Angelo Ramirez de Cartagena together with Lyn Alumno married the classic and contemporary vibe of Lil Nas X’s Old Town Road, hence, creating looks that are a striking, active, and challenging with a pervading emotional vibe.

Now, this Making MEGA cover shoot is what the comeback of MEGAStyle is all about: fearless, bold, and stylishly unapologetic. Scroll down as we dissect all the designers they wore for their Making MEGA cover.

Ruffle Mayhem

Making MEGA Cover Vern and Verniece

Since ruffles are a big part of the fashion scene in Latin America, it’s only fitting to incorporate this fun yet a very sophisticated trend in one of the looks. Vern wore a ruffled top by Chris Nick paired with maroon leather pants by Jaz Cerezo. Verniece, on the other hand, donned a tiered ruffled dress by Patty Ang over a long-sleeve top and thigh-high boots by H&M.

Tan Lines

Making MEGA Cover Vern and Verniece

Posing identically side by side, depicting a quintessential V&V scenario, the power duo exuded the heat of the sun as they struck a pose in a color-coordinated nude outfit by H&M Studio. To ace this safari chic look, the Vern and Verniece opted for a black tank top and a sheer turtleneck by Paolo Ereneta, complemented by ankle boots.

Yin and Yang

Making MEGA Cover Vern and Verniece

As we explore the duality of social media with these digital mavens, Vern and Verniece channeled the duality of Yin and Yang. Vern wore a printed top and leather pants by H&M Studio, while Verniece opted for an embellished top by ZARA teamed with a Patty Ang trousers.

The Wild West

Making MEGA Cover Vern and Verniece

The Enciso sisters have always been known for their fun yet chic outfits, so we still wanted to incorporate their own style into the looks. Verniece wore a navy blue suede fringe jacket by NERIC Beltran complemented by a wide-brimmed hat by MIMI + LIPI in the same hue. As for Vern, she wore a black fringed skirt by FOREVER 21 teamed with a light green wide-brimmed hat by MIMI + LIPI.

Booty Call

When you’re a digital nomad, it’s just natural for you to be always on the go. And proving that they are indeed the fashionable duo that so many look up to, the stylish sisters chose to put on their runway-ready black patent boots by Forever 21. To complete their looks, Vern and Verniece donned a knit top by Ereneta and metallic bodysuit by Ebiro, respectively, teamed with a black mesh Chris Diaz bottoms and a black hat by the SM Store.

Glaring Eyes

Channeling the 1960’s vintage headscarves like the iconic Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor, the two sisters prove they can always adapt, or even set the trend. Come to think of it, that’s what a true style savants can do. To make sure their printed scarves would pop out, Vern and Verniece wore a classic yet chic black blazer by Bershka and Neric Beltran, correspondingly.

Tie-Dye Days

Making MEGA Cover Vern and Verniece

From the 60s, now we’re back at the present with the sisters proving to us that the tie-dye trend is here to stay in 2020. So, how does a fashionista ace this trend? Vern and Verniece show us to just partner it with a colored trench coat by D’elle Studios. And in case it’s a denim tie-dye, just roll it up twice to get that effortless chic aesthetic.

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