Lend A Hand: All The Donation Drives That Need Your Help, Too

Lend A Hand: All The Donation Drives That Need Your Help, Too


There are some small groups, organizations, and hospitals that also need your help right now. Here are ways on how you can extend your help through other donation drives.

If you thought that there’s nothing you can do about the global pandemic, well, here’s a piece of good news: there are several concrete ways on how you can help. So, if you have the privilege to stay in the comfort of your own home whilst others can’t, we do hope you can also share your blessing with others.

From our front liners, daily wage earners, to even the stray pets, all of them are in dire need of support right now—whether through goods or financial assistance. And while other nation-states and big corporations such as San Miguel and Bench have already donated, it’s still not enough.

As we are able to recognize the everyday struggle of our beloved front liners, we can’t deny the fact to witness small groups and even individuals who are starting their own fundraising. According to Dana Nachor, one of the few who started a donation drive together with her sister, “I reflected how blessed I am and I used that to make a movement…composed of 4 persons: my sister, and two childhood best friends. Now, with hundreds of people who donated, that what we call Human Spirit.”

Correspondingly, content creator AC Soriano who has almost raised half a million through her campaign #GandangBardagulan2020 said, “I just know that I can’t sit pretty like a princess in my room while watching Netflix… there are people who are outside risking their lives. So, I started asking for donations for the ones who are greatly affected by the lockdown.”

And if there was one thing Dana would love to tell to our front-liners who are sacrificing so much for the welfare of every Filipinos it’s that, “I salute you all. You are worthy of our prayers. Thank you for serving with a purpose.”

On the other hand, AC expressed her gratitude and asks our beloved front liners to also take care of themselves. “Thank you for doing your job. Please protect yourselves as well. Your service is a reminder for us to also do our part in helping in this kind of time. And please, please take care of the Filipino people.”

With that in mind, we hope you could take time and lend a hand to other donation drives, non-government organizations, and hospitals that also need your assistance now.

Small Groups and Individuals:

Dana Nachor

She’s a Catalyst for People Branding at TaskUs PH, who started her own donation drive alongside her sister. They are ordering from food chains and deliver them to our front liners, hospital guards, and maintenance personnel. Masks and gloves will also be distributed together with the food.

However, they can only accommodate 500 pax since they cannot afford more people involved to ensure safety and lessen the risk of disease transmission. Final locations to be visited will be Rizal Medical Center, Marikina Doctor’s Hospital and Medical Center Inc., and Quirino Memorial Medical Center. Rest assured, the excess money from the donation will all be donated to the Philippine Government Hospital.

Donations can be coursed through Dana Nachor at 0936-917-2426.

donations drives

Jeanill Migraso

Jeanill Migraso, an undergraduate student from Ateneo de Manila University, together with her friends Patricia Torres, Alyssa Belda, Paolo Macasaet, and Danielle Echegoyen, have also started their own fundraising. Since they are still undergrads, they opted to tap Tulong Kabataan in order to help the front liners in UP-PGH. In fact, they have already started providing food yesterday, which they will be continuing for the upcoming days.

For monetary donations, you may bank transfer via Jeanill Migraso’s GCash 09177148233 or through her BDO (Account Number: 0112 4001 5710). For In-Kind Donations, please refer to Alyssa Belda at 09178057277.

donations drives

Women of Aleitheia

Women of Aleitheia, a sorority organization of lawyers, are calling for monetary and in-kind donations for the front liners and other health workers that have made effort to fight the pandemic. As of March 18, they have already raised more than 100 thousand pesos and purchased 100 boxes or a week-long supply of surgical masks. It will be distributed to the following hospitals:

  1. Quirino Memorial Medical Center
  2. Ospital ng Maynila Medical Center
  3. Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Center
  4. Dr. Jose N Rodriguez Memorial Hospital
  5. San Lazaro Hospital

donations drives

To confirm your bank transfer, you may reach them at [email protected].

Gandang Bardagulan 2020

Gandang Bardagulan 2020 is a fundraising project for people heavily affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. It is spearheaded by content creator AC Soriano, who has already raised over 400,000 pesos through Twitter and Instagram as of March 18. It will all proceed to our fellow Filipinos in need.

Beneficiaries are as follows:

  1. International Rural People’s Movement for PH frontline health workers
  2. Doctors of Barrios in Bicol Region
  3. PUV Drivers
  4. Street Vendors
  5. #IskoOps by UP Diliman USC for Dormers, vendors, jeepney drivers of UP Community
  6. Akbay Party + Alyansang Tapat sa Lasalista for validation of COVID-19 testing kits
  7. Project Tanglaw for the less fortunate
  8. Bangon Bayan for PUV drivers who are directly affected by public transportation suspension
  9. Lumad Bakwit School for displaced Lumad youth in UP Diliman
  10. For Patricia Alvarez’ father as financial support
  11. Private citizens for Doctors in Barrios (A private org dedicated to helping doctors in GIDA)
  12. Michael Punzalan, a Grab driver that offers free rides for people that need assistance
  13. Elderly and homeless people along Manila Bay

donations drives

Lawyers For Doctors Philippines

Lawyers For Doctors recognize the lack of basic medical supplies and support needed to provide adequate medical attention to people in their medical facilities. So, they initiated a donation drive in support of our front liners—from surgical masks, gloves, to even gallons of alcohol. You can contribute to their cause by providing monetary assistance, in-kind donations, sponsoring a meal, and even volunteer—whether as a coordinator, social media managers, writers, or creative artists. For volunteers, you may sign up here.
donations drives

Home For The Golden Gays

The Golden Gays is a Philippine non-profit organization that provides support and care facilities for elderly LGBTQ+ people established in 1975. Since one of the high-risk individuals from COVID-19 diseases is elderly, they are asking for help to avoid exposure from it as well as they may keep on providing food and nice shelter to them.

For in-kind donations, you may proceed to 114 San Luis Street, Pasay City. For cash donations, you may contact Rakon Busa at 09216255057.

Non-Government Organizations:


One of our favorite style savants and newly minted mother, Anne Curtis, just took to her Instagram her call for donations for UNICEF. The international NGO is currently working with DOH and WHO to slow the spread of the COVID-19. Proceed to donate.unicef.ph to help provide medical supplies, water, and hygiene supplies and services.


Caritas Manila

Caritas Manila is calling for cash donations to provide Caritas LIGTAS COVID-19 kits and Caritas Manna bags to 6,000 poor communities and families in Metro Manila.

Another way of donating to Caritas Manila is through Zilingo’s eDonation drive. “With your help, you will be supporting those who are hardest-hit by sustaining them,” captioned on Zilingo’s post. “You can donate either a cash voucher, a Caritas Manna Food Bag, or a Caritas Ligtas COVID-19 Kit.”

PAWSsion Project

The PAWSsion Project is known to re-home rescues, spay, and neuter to control the population and create a kinder environment for animals. However, with the recent pandemic, there were animals left stranded and abandoned in isolated buildings. Some pet owners never intended to abandon their beloved pets, but because of how quickly the COVID situation escalated, some were forced to stay put wherever they were and had no means of going home.

While the organization is not asking for monetary assistance, what they only ask from people who would see stray pets or near a pound is to feed them with food and/or water. But should you still wish to donate, you may refer to their website at pawssionproject.ph.


The majority of our front liners are located in various hospitals scattered around the country. However, demands are becoming heavier every single day as patients kept on arriving due to the pandemic. They constantly need protective gear such as hazmat suits, gloves, surgical masks, and alcohol. So, if you want to go directly to hospitals, these are some who really need your assistance, both financially and in-kind donations would be great.

Sta. Rosa Community Hospital

Sta. Rosa Community Hospital is in need of protective gear and alcohol. They’re located in Cattleya Street, LM Subdivision, Market Area, Santa Rosa, Laguna. Please contact their emergency department at (049) 534-5471.

Capitol Medical Center

Capitol Medical Center is also in need of more Personal or Professional Protective Equipment (PPEs). It is said that their stocks might not last for more than a week. Please contact their emergency department at 8 372 3825 or 0919 087 3656.

Veterans Memorial Hospital

Philippine Children’s Medical Center

Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital

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