All The Essential Things In A Corpcore Wardrobe

All The Essential Things In A Corpcore Wardrobe


Behind every successful woman is herself. How does the corpcore revival redefine power dressing today?

This fashion feature is from MEGA’s March 2024 Issue

Enter the new era of corporate chic—sleek, chic, and boldly feminine. With the resurgence of ’90s corpcore, power dressing is redefined in different industries, even in male-dominated ones.

“Power dressing is coming as you are and feeling like your most true self,” says Martine Cajucom-Ho, Sunnies Studios creative director. “I think that is key to power dressing: feeling empowered in your choices and your body and expression.”

In this casual-meets-formal fashion movement, the work wear classics are reinvented in asymmetrical skirts, modern suits, and delicate tops, among other style iterations. Even the classic shirt-and-tie are getting playful twists with pops of colors and textured patterns. 

Country manager of Tiffany & Co. Genevieve Jimenez-Layung gives a few key items essential to power dressing: a set of tailored-fit clothes, smart-looking accessories, and centerpiece jewelry.

Additionally, Gay Lao-Chen equates power with confidence, not just with what one wears but also with the role hair and makeup play in any look. “Makeup allows me to be creative and to express myself, which naturally makes me feel more confident,” the Estée Lauder Companies Philippines General Brand Manager says. 

Down the runway, Loewe defines corpcore in classic denim-on-denim sets, chic logo knit tops, and bold shaggy jackets, paired with rhinestone-studded pumps and fuzzy Toy heels. Meanwhile, Fendi shares a lesson on restraint with a corseted shirt and leather skirt. There’s also Gucci with its definitive monogram coordinates and Louis Vuitton with the cool girl summer style.

So, why does women dressing up for business matter? For Charmaine Rivera-Lagman, vice president and chief operating officer of MC Geometric Proportions, it’s a tangible expression of competence and an assertion of women’s authority and presence.

“Along this process, power dressing became not just a statement of personal strength, but a symbol of breaking barriers and fostering a more inclusive future in the industry,” she ends.

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Creative Direction and Production JONES PALTENG. Photography JHARWIN CASTAÑEDA. Styled by BITHIA REYES. Sittings Editor MARIAN SAN PEDRO. Hair ARTHUR TOLENTINO. Makeup PATTY CRISTOBAL. Model BETHANY TALBOT. Shot on location VIRGO JJ PLAZA. Shoot assistant IRONE CALEDA.

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