All The Stylish Celebrities We Saw At The Omega Moon Landing Exhibition

All The Stylish Celebrities We Saw At The Omega Moon Landing Exhibition


Celebrating its 50th anniversary, several celebrities come together at the OMEGA Moon Landing Exhibition to commemorate the first time mankind stepped onto the moon.

Whether or not you were already born the first time that mankind landed on the moon, this historic event proved that there is no impossible for mankind to reach. Echoing the words of Neil Armstrong once he stepped on the lunar surface: “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

Indeed, to this day, there have been so many technological advances—all thanks to science and mathematics. And one of which that’s surely teeming the fashion industry is OMEGA. Having been a part of all six lunar missions, OMEGA’s legendary Speedmaster has really accomplished such impressive feat.

Moreover, this unfailing performance of OMEGA timepieces represents the brand’s adventurous pioneering spirit. So here in the Philippines, the Swiss watchmaker looks back on its own special role aboard Apollo 11 and the Moonwatch legacy.

For its the golden anniversary, OMEGA celebrated with a special exhibition at the Podium, simultaneously happening worldwide. The brand showcased the artwork and vision that embodied the momentous occasion. It’s a worldwide phenomenal activation for OMEGA that happened simultaneously.

The exhibition was dripping with gold and glamor as VIP guests and celebrities arrived in their ever-sophisticated black and gold numbers. Here are all the stylish guests we spotted at the OMEGA Moon Landing Exhibition.

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