All The Young Designers Camille Co Wore On Her Megastyle Cover

All The Young Designers Camille Co Wore On Her Megastyle Cover


Reinventing her aesthetic as we’ve never seen her before, Camille Co shows us her edgy side with a maximum impact.

Camille Co is no stranger to the digital sphere. In fact, we often say she is one of the pioneering OG digital darlings in the local landscape that has paved the way for many thriving and talented personalities today.  Whether you’d label her as an influencer, vlogger, content creator, or Instagram style star—it really doesn’t matter, because she has proven over time that she’s more than who she is behind the double-tapped hearts and carefully curated feeds. As she’s one of the first few who dominated the blogging industry back in 2010, she knows deep in herself to always stay true to who she is. But more importantly, she recognizes the great responsibility she has with her huge following on various social media platforms.

Yes, we’ve read her blogs, learned some style tricks from her TikTok content, watched her travel vlogs, and even to the extent that we subscribed to her wedding day on Instagram stories. Camille Co is just the type of digital nomad who really understands how to fully utilize the online technologies and innovations we have today. Understanding the significance of having a good digital presence, she molds her branding thoughtfully and appropriately on various channels, which honestly speaking, she accomplishes with such impeccable taste and aesthetic.

Upon looking at her Instagram feed, you are immediately welcomed with countless chic photos complemented by her signature dreamy filters. Then on her TikTok, you’ll have these fun, quirky, and interesting clips to watch. And finally, on her vlogs, she’ll give you a glimpse of her uber jet-set life as she attends exclusive fashion shows such as in New York or sitting down and really opening up unlike she has ever done before.

With all of these in mind, perhaps it’s safe to now say that Camille Co has this very sophisticated persona wherein she’s seen as this sweet and endearing fashionista. So, given that she’s always viewed like this, we wanted to see her other side. For her MEGA Style PH August 2020 cover, we visualized her exploring—quite literally—the dark side.

MEGA’s Digital Content Editor and stylist Angelo Ramirez de Cartagena envisioned her in an edgy monochrome of textured black. And with colorful bright backdrops and vivid light accents, her looks were definitely the best canvas to highlight her beauty, in Careline cosmetics, no less.

Now since this is a MEGAstyle cover shoot, it was only fitting to also tap young designers in the local fashion scene who has definitely been making waves for quite some time now. From Mark Tamayo, Neric Beltran, Emir Yamamoto, Antonina, Chris Diaz, to Daryl Maat, all of whom have graced the pages of MEGA because of their ingenious creativity in fashion design. More than that, as Angelo Ramirez de Cartagena notes, “We took into account a fair exercise of mindful fashion and sustainability, as all the garments used were existing pieces from the designer’s archives. Diving deep into their portfolio of work, we made sure to showcase the best of what they had to offer without having to create something from scratch. Besides, looking back at their great work is not only nostalgic, but also a smart point to start looking forward into the future.”

In this metanoia of Camille Co to the shadows, let her outfits speak for itself and bewitch you whilst taking a look at the fits she wore on the cover.

Sheer Madness

Leaving behind the usual conservative Filipina, Camille Co goes bold and risky for the shoot as she shows a subtle hint of skin. And she accomplished this looking all stunning in a black Mark Tamayo textured corset, sheer Neric Beltran blouse, and striped flared trousers by Nina Amoncio’s Antonina.

Killer Embellishments

Can’t get enough of see-through clothing? Well, so does Camille Co. But this time, she uses textures to her advantage. The digital style star wore a black mesh Chris Diaz top adorned with beaded embellishments and paired it with a silver pair of earrings from The SM Store.

Ruffled Mayhem

Camille Co Megastyle Cover

As she already envisions a path of many possibilities on the horizon, it’s high time she also channels her inner lady boss. To still keep her archetypal touch of femininity, this black Daryl Maat dress with ruffled details just wonderfully captures this new persona of hers.

Mean Leather

Camille Co Megastyle Cover

Camille Co isn’t new to command the streets. In fact, the moment she strikes a pose in the Empire State, the paparazzi of the fashion sort would instantly photograph her. So, as a nod to her street style moments abroad she donned this sleeveless black origami dress by Emir Yamamoto paired with a long black leather glove and killer patent thigh-high boots.

Mafia Queen

When you think of Mafia’s clothing style, we immediately think of the 1930s, perhaps because the pinstriped suits were succinct. Hence, what better way for the digital nomad to flex her sartorial muscles on the cover by wearing a striking black pinstriped Mark Tamayo bib top teamed with a long leather glove.

Photography CHARISMA LICO of Artists & Co. Manila
Art direction NICOLE ALMERO
Fashion direction, beauty direction, and styling ANGELO RAMIREZ DE CARTAGENA
Hair CATS DEL ROSARIO of Artists & Co. Manila
Shoot coordination MJ ALMERO
Video Kieran Punay of Studio 100

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