Allison Laude’s New Style Journey as She Moves to Los Angeles

Allison Laude’s New Style Journey as She Moves to Los Angeles


Now finding her way through college in California, Allison Laude is making bolder style choices and accepting fashion as part of her identity

This is an excerpt from MEGA’s November 2023 Stylephile

With a fresh face, youthful charm, and free spirit, Allison Laude has been one of society’s darlings for a while now. As she moves to California for college, her path toward growth and self-discovery is hers alone to make.

In this fairly new setting, a lot of her energy is focused on settling in and staying on top of her studies. On the regular, she practices pilates, listens and makes music (she played the cello in high school), invests or keeps an eye out for potential stocks, and creates art with whatever medium there may be. 

“As our society strides into a brighter future, the upcoming generations are already confronting challenges rooted in social, environmental, and political issues,” the 18-year-old shares. “I spearheaded many fundraisers in high school to raise awareness for certain causes, such as the lack of clean water for marginalized communities in Tarlac or a tree-planting initiative in Zambales.”

Social media is also one of the main pressures on the younger generation. Though she feels that she is relatively resilient to the effects of social media, she shares that she often just needs to declutter her thoughts, improve her focus on her studies, and learn better how to live in the moment.


Can you tell us about the exact moment you first fell in love with fashion? Who is your style inspiration and how did they influence your current style?

It started a little over a decade ago. I can recall the many moments I would watch in awe as my mom, Small Laude, got her makeup done and got dressed in a gown for her events. This was my first dip into the world of fashion. I have loved it since then, especially after seeing its power to bolster the confidence and empower someone that I love. 

I follow today’s style icons, like Emma Chamberlain, Kendall Jenner, and Bella Hadid. Peeking into my closet, you’ll find it to be mostly composed of classic pieces with a twist of fun, funky, and edgy elements to balance it out. 

What was your most memorable fashion moment? How about your least favorite?

One of my most cherished moments has to be the Freaky Friday-esque video I did with my mom for her YouTube channel. It’s not necessarily my most stylish moment, that’s for sure! It transported me back to my childhood of playing dress up to put on a show and share some laughs for the fun of it all. 

My least favorite moment would be this one time I was rushing to attend mass after waking up from a nap. I put on anything I could: a bright red polo t-shirt over green cargo pants, which made me look too excited for Christmas. I was so embarrassed and got changed before going out to dinner later on. 

If you could only wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be and why? What’s your ultimate closet staple?

A fitted, neutral-colored top, slightly baggy, blue denim jeans, white sneakers, small purse, and lots of jewelry. I’m guilty of wearing this outfit three days a week, it’s almost an auto-pilot, default decision. Also, motorcycle silhouette jackets are simply one of the coolest and easiest things to layer with.

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