Aly Borromeo on Setting Goals and Inspiring Others thru Sports

Aly Borromeo on Setting Goals and Inspiring Others thru Sports


Aly Borromeo

It would be an understatement to say Aly Borromeo is a sports minded person. It even came to the point where his dad made him choose only one sport to play.

During his teens, Aly played several sports like basketball, tennis, football, golf and track and field. Unfortunately, his grades suffered because of his extracurricular activities. Aly’s dad never stopped him to play though but he made Aly pick only one sport to continue. He dropped all except football. “I thought I chose the wrong sport,” he mused. Aly assumed that there’s no future in football because it isn’t popular at that time. He persevered despite hardship though, and together with his team they were able to make a name in football for our country thru Azkals and Kaya Futbol Club where he’s the former captain.


Although he already left both teams, his passion for sports never fades and even built a business out of it. “I have a gym, it’s called Village Fitness near Alabang area. I am also a certified trainer and in my downtime, when I’m not playing in the field, I also train more kids, ‘special’ kids, who are shy to be in a team environment. So I make them develop their skills. Sports like basketball, football, etc. just to make them more active and adapt in a team environment.”


His business is not only rooted in passion or love for sports. Aly decided to open a gym and training center after he experienced a life-altering event. “Two years ako di nakalaro ng football because of injuries. That made me realize a lot outside the game, outside being an athlete, and I want to give back by helping kids, and inspiring them,” he noted. 


He believes being athletic isn’t an inherent trait and everyone has a chance to be one. “We’re all athletes, it is inside of us. It makes me feel good when I see potential. It makes me work harder, I thrive off the energy.” He gets more inspired to help others because of this.


When he is not in the gym or in the field, Aly gets his usual dose of vitamin sea on the beach. It is his favorite place to relax and unwind. “Usually kapag vacation, I like to travel a lot. I love the beach. For three days or seven days. I love anything about Mother Nature. I love Boracay ever since as a kid and our beach house in Batangas.” The beach is Aly’s escape from the city where he spends his time walking, hiking or doing other outdoor activities. And if he was given a chance and a choice, he would love to retire near the beach and surf every day.


Aside from going  to the beach, one of his hobbies is collecting football shoes. He admitted to us that he has more or less 300 pairs of it! We asked him how can he manage to wear all of it. “I keep them in a box for personal collection,” he divulged.


To keep up with this kind of lifestyle, Aly uses a reliable financial tool like a credit card. He uses it not only for his travels and growing shoe collection. “Mostly, for food and shopping for my loved ones. And for my expenses [and]  my job,” he told us. He also swears by the benefits of having one,”I think [it’s] paperless, easy access. I think that’s the next step for the future. Avoid the side stress you encounter and more convenient.” And like a typical credit card user, he makes sure to use the points he earned for miles, dining and discounted stuff.  


Looking back, it all started when his dad gave him an ultimatum which sport to play. The decisions Aly made throughout his life led to where he is right now. A formidable football player who became one of the instruments to make a name in football for our country.  And an inspiring coach to his little students and hopefully, through his training program it can create future football players that will represent our country.




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