Amato Couture Hails First-ever Male Muse

Amato Couture Hails First-ever Male Muse


All eyes on Amato’s king of muses, Sajad Pourhasan.

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In his 30th year in fashion, Furne One decided it was time to explore the art that’s present in masculinity. One sees the line between masculinity and femininity as a border that can be blurred especially in the generation of gender neutral fashion. Although male designs can be more vigorous, the unique, detailed and fearless touch of the Amato brand remains.

“It’s a wondrous peregrination of ideas commenced with bamboozled visualization,” says One.

Amato’s casting for their first male muse created a huge buzz in the fashion industry, and so One shares that they’re planning to conduct an annual search for the next male muse to represent their future collections.

In Sajad Pourhasan’s case, he was chosen because he was an embodiment of the Amato man: modern and not afraid to experiment. One wants the next male muse to be someone brave enough to try new things and embrace fashion’s fluidity.

The number of male models who showed up for Amato’s casting is still a huge surprise to One. To him, that kind of opportunity is a form of motivation and empowerment to men who want to prevail in the world of fashion, something that hasn’t really been highlighted in the industry.

As One sees it, it’s about time.

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Creative director and photographer TEJASWI GHAGADA
Hair and makeup CARLA FUENTES
Directed and produced by CROSSOVER STUDIOS
Video shot and edited by PRADHYUMANSINH SOLANKI

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