Amp Up Your Shoe Game With This One Chic Accessory

Amp Up Your Shoe Game With This One Chic Accessory


Have you ever looked at shoe collection and thought to yourself, “I need an update”? While retail therapy and shopping trips in general could be thrilling for a lot of us fashion girls, it’s not always realistic to think that we could keep adding to our collection. And certainly for some, it’s not even about feeling like you keep using the same old shoes, it’s just the knack to cop something new and fresh or maybe even an urge to get a new pair (calm down, Carrie Bradshaw). But you don’t always have to run off to your favorite shops to fall back in love with what’s in your shoe closet, there’s only 1 accessory you need to amp up your footwear game—socks.

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Of course you have socks in your wardrobe but not just the ordinary ones; a playful accessory trend this season are fanciful hosiery that could beautifully embellish a shoe no matter what kind they are. While some might scoff at the thought of reinventing the socks on shoes trend, we say it’s absolutely a fun way to put an accent to the regular. Here are some ways you could style your shoes with statement socks:

Are you on board with the dad shoe trend? If you are, some sheer socks would be a great decorative piece to a chunky sneaker. We’re loving the juxtaposition between feminine and a conventionally-seen masculine aesthetic with this look.

Nothing defines a standout piece more than a screaming neon hue. A regular casual look could easily be amped up with shockingly bright socks. Pair it with leather mules or go all out and do some color-blocking with an equally colorful pump.

 Just when you thought you no longer had a use for those sporty white socks, they could still play a major role in your outfit by pairing them with a brightly hued heel. Not only is it uniquely chic but it adds that laidback athleisure feel to a complex look.

Disguise your pumps as boots by choosing a pair of socks in a matching color. You wouldn’t believe what wonders an ankle length or mid-calf sock can do.

Put a bit of sparkle into your heels with glitter socks. A pair of regular black heels could easily be elevated with this fanciful piece which comes as no surprise why it’s a common favorite of most street style stars at Fashion Week.

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