An Insider’s Look Into Nadine Lustre’s Wildest Dreams

An Insider’s Look Into Nadine Lustre’s Wildest Dreams


We’ve watched Nadine Lustre’s Wildest Dreams 12-track visual album before anyone else last October 15. Here’s what we think about it.

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Disclaimer: We won’t be releasing any spoilers for this review. This will purely be about the look and feel of the visual album and how the viewing party was like. It will not contain the storyline of the film and/or any specific details about it.

On October 15, 2020, a select few people were invited to the office of Careless in The Pop-Up, Katipunan. Visitors had to take a COVID-19 test, before anyone was allowed to enter the venue. Once we were confirmed negative, we were immediately greeted by James Reid and his crew at the foot of the doorstep in Brooklyn Social. We found the place to be sanitized, secured, and socially distanced. Chairs were far apart from each other and if anyone would like to partake of the food available, then they would have to get it themselves. Not long after, Nadine Lustre arrived in the scene and chatted with everyone in the viewing party at a distance. After everyone was settled in, we were all ready and excited to be the first to watch the 12-track visual album of Nadine, titled Wildest Dreams.

From the get-go, you’ll notice that this compilation of music videos is different. First of all, it’s the first visual album Nadine has ever released. Secondly, It’s refreshing and outspoken in an original Lustre way. From the clothes to the scenery, you’ll see how well-thought out and cohesive the visual album is. The transitions from scene to scene are seamless. And, that is very important in a visual album that has a plot. Creatives wouldn’t want to get their message lost in translation without jeopardizing the craft of the production. We think Careless was able to strike a balance in these two things.

Lastly, we need to talk about the woman of the hour. In all ways possible, you’ll be able to tell through the visual album that Nadine Lustre has changed. Obviously, she has changed from her teeny bopper days, but even more so now. There is power in showcasing vulnerability. Nadine was to lay out all her cards and address multiple phases of her life in this visual album. We appreciate that kind of sincerity and strength that she displayed in her music and we can’t wait for you to see it as well. Watch it tonight, October 31, 2020, at 9:00 pm. 

wildest dreams, nadine lustre
wildest dreams, nadine lustre

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