Andrea Brillantes, Elijah Canlas, and Kyle Echarri Get Real With These Life Lessons From Senior High

Andrea Brillantes, Elijah Canlas, and Kyle Echarri Get Real With These Life Lessons From Senior High


Andrea, Elijah, and Kyle offer some useful advice on life, growing up, and taking responsibility and they’re doing it the Northford, Senior High way

Oh, high school. It’s a time when you live, laugh, and love, but also learn. With the youth-oriented show Senior High just wrapping up last Friday, the graduate students of Northford could definitely attest to a number of things that they’ve picked up from their characters. From MEGA’s recent interview with stars Andrea Brillantes, Kyle Echarri, and Elijah Canlas, here are a few lessons from Sky, Luna, Obet, and Archie about growing up.

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Nothing is ever too late

Many of us are entering our twenties, and as frightening as it is, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re running out of time. It’s actually the opposite because it’s the time we take full control of who we are and where we’re heading—that applies in every aspect of our lives. Make mistakes and embrace them, because they are the best teachers we’ll have in our twenties. Just like what Andrea said, “20 pa lang ako, marami pa akong kailangang matuto. Looking forward lang ako to life.”

There is beauty in boundaries 

We’re in the era of self-preservation, and many have expressed that laying down parameters can do more good than harm. Simple actions such as knowing who to trust, as well as maintaining a small group of friends are considered as putting boundaries nowadays. While some might view it as insensitive, Andrea can attest that despite the noise around her, her peace remains amidst it all. 

“I am not completely at peace, but I have peace [because of Him.] Iba ‘yung peace na makukuha mo sa iba’t-ibang tao.” 

Confront your emotions for healing

Admittedly, there are moments when we thought it would be best to push our emotions away, but in reality, it’s the type of pain that grows as time goes on. It’s never easy to face the hurt you’ve harbored for so long, but it is necessary to help you move forward in your life. Whether it’s an intentional move on your end or it’s unexpected, keep in mind that healing starts with a single step from you and you alone. For Kyle, playing Obet became a move to keep going through grief one step at a time. 

Yung gagawin lahat for [loved ones.] It became my outlet to cry about certain situations that were also happening in my life na hindi ko iniyakan.” 

It takes responsibility to grow up 

Call it part of our growing pains, but being accountable for our words and actions is a sign of maturity. Being able to own up to your mistakes is a sign that you are on your way to being better. Take it from one Archie Guerrero himself, Elijah’s character, to slowly but surely show this trait. From taking care of his sister to expressing his willingness in taking care of Roxy and their unborn child, that’s growth right there. 

Grabe ‘yung love hate relationship ko with him, pero nakakaproud when I shot the last scene [as] with him, to see how far he’s come, being accountable for everything that he has done. Nagkaroon siya ng care as a person. May love [other than for] his sister.”

Find comfort in sharing yourself to others

Cliche as it may be, but no man is an island! Letting others in can give you the listening ear or the sound advice that you need. Having a confidant can celebrate with you during your highs and support you through your lows. In playing a dual role as Sky and Luna on Senior High, Andrea has learned a valuable lesson on leaning on others. 

Kahit mahirap mag-open up ng problems sa family, kahit feeling mo ‘di ka nila maiintindihan, open up to them kaysa dalhin mo siya mag-isa at magsuffer ka and malunod ka mag-isa. Open up kasi makakatulong sila. Or kung hindi man sa family, sa friends or pray. Open up and release. ‘Yun naman ‘yung nangyari kay Luna, dinala niya lahat mag-isa.”


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