Andrea Brillantes Gets Real in Karen Davila’s Newest Vlog

Andrea Brillantes Gets Real in Karen Davila’s Newest Vlog


Behind Andrea’s cute, baby talk and petite figure is a strong young woman who fights for love.

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If real had a living and breathing figure, it’s Andrea Brillantes. Andrea, or Blythe to her family and friends, knows the secret that to stay in the ever-changing world of show business is to stay authentic. So, whether you like Blythe or not, she is just keeping it real.

In Karen Davila‘s latest vlog, the journalist talks to Andrea about life, love, and loss. She delves into the actress’ thoughts on the hate she receives because of her baby talk and honest to goodness posts about heartbreak and politics on social media.

As someone who grew up in front of the camera, Andrea already knows criticism to its core, charging it to her experience. Although a lot has been said about her, the actress shares that she has to remain strong for her family as a breadwinner.

Besides her life before show business, Karen and Andrea talked about the latter’s condition called congenital anosmia, Andrea’s inability to smell.

Finally, for her and Ricci‘s (Rivero) fans, Andrea also gives us a scoop about their relationship and how it all started.

Watch the vlog here:

Photo by: Andrea Beldua

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