Andrei Suleik On The Importance of Being Real

Andrei Suleik On The Importance of Being Real


In an industry where emotion is easily manipulated and downplayed, Andrei Suleik shoots the shot in being genuine.

If there is someone who took that famous “The eyes, chico, they never lie” line from Scarface, that would be Andrei. One look at his photos and you’ll know it—there’s a certain trust built between the lenses of the subject’s eyes and the lens of Andrei’s camera. 

Sparking honesty in the eyes of somebody else is considered a feat nowadays. Screens can deceive the true emotions of an individual; do you really know a person through a video or a photo?

Making it the trademark of his photos and even his personality, Andrei Suleik shows you how authentic emotion is done.

Brown jacket by MARK TAMAYO

Andrei Shot The Raw File

“It basically starts with relationship building,” Andrei starts, explaining how his creative process works when shooting with someone. “Kung kaya ko, getting to know muna para mas comfortable sila. Collaboration naman talaga siya; kukunin mo yung insights nila—ano yung comfortable o hindi sa kanila.” 

Kapag kinausap mo sila, that’s more open compared to just shooting. [With conversation], you are making something with someone. 

His penchant for highlighting the eyes of a person traces back to his college years when he chose to take up Communication. This helps him read his subject for the day. He doesn’t sugarcoat the truth that not everyone opens us easily, but at the end of the day, Andrei just chooses to do his best. 

Brown jacket and pants by MARK TAMAYO. Shirt ARTIST OWNED

In a previous interview, he even opened up that his original plan was to become a film director. Holding no regrets in choosing another profession, Andrei mentioned that what happened, happened. He even mentions that certain film techniques such as playing with light and using different angles are still part of his photography process. 

Masaya maglaro kapag nagshoo-shoot,” he affirms with a smile. 

Andrei Shot The Real Life

Giving much importance to building relationships within and outside work, Andrei shares how his chapter with Crown Artist Management began—through friendship, still. “Kaibigan ko muna sila [Maja (Salvador) and Rambo (Nuñez)], then nagkaroon sila ng interest na isali ako sa agency.” 

Crown is Andrei’s first agency, and even his first actual “boss” to work with. He acknowledges the experience of Rambo and the longevity of Maja’s career as the contributing factors to entrusting his career to the agency. 

Brown jacket and pants by MARK TAMAYO. Shirt ARTIST OWNED

“Sabi ko, ‘Join ako. Guide niyo ako.’ Basically, hindi lang ako nandoon. Nandoon ako para matuto.” 

Unlike others who choose to keep business strictly as what it is, Andrei values the essence of being friends then working together. He points out that the bond gets deeper and it allows someone to be more open with opportunities and make room for more growth.

When it comes to finding friends at work, he advises, “Be nice. Be the better person in the industry, kasi kayo-kayo rin magtutulungan.” 

As crucial as growth is in relationships—even the one we share with ourselves—Andrei admits that he still has a lot to learn. He wants his photos to continue evolving as he, as a person, does.

Brown jacket and pants by MARK TAMAYO. Shirt ARTIST OWNED

Aside from being a photographer, he also opened himself up to another venture—entrepreneurship. Fren Apparel Shop, Andrei’s business, joins in on the tote craze with their bags’ carry-all feature.

Andrei Suleik now belongs to a crowd of creatives whose passion for their craft run deep. But working well and being good to people? These make him stand out. 

Creative Direction BRIE VENTURA & GARI SY
Fashion Direction RYUJI SHIOMITSU

Hair and Makeup ARON GUEVARA
Shoot coordination KZ FRANCISCO & MJ ALMERO

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