Angelica Panganiban Now Has a YouTube Channel!

Angelica Panganiban Now Has a YouTube Channel!


The good news is, she’s not doing it alone! Her partner, Gregg Homan, is joining in on the fun.

No bull, no filter. Straightforward and authentic. That is how we’ve always known and loved Angelica Panganiban. Be it the characters she plays or her real self, Angge—as she is fondly called by those closest to her—is as real as she gets.

With her new role as a mother, Angelica is keeping us updated with her best role yet; and this time, through YouTube!

Just last month, she and her boyfriend, Gregg Homan, started their channel called The Homans. How cute is that wordplay?

As of writing, they have two vlogs so far—one about their love story, and the second with them working as a team in the kitchen.

For sure, Angelica and Gregg have more content up on their sleeves! We can’t wait for more episodes and for their adventures as parents!

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