Anji Salvacion is Living Out Her Teenage Dream

Anji Salvacion is Living Out Her Teenage Dream


Starting out as a contestant in a reality singing competition, Anji Salvacion shares her ongoing journey in showbiz for her very first MEGAStyle cover

Unlike the majority of young girls, Anji Salvacion can already say that her lifelong dreams have come true at only 20 years of age. The singer-actress has always wanted to be in the midst of the grind, excitement, and passion that the entertainment industry exudes. But before she became part of showbiz’s newest set of it-girls and even one of MEGA’s Women to Watch, she was merely a simple island girl who was pampered with love from her family.

Anji Salvacion Megastyle magazine cover
Mesh top by BLACKBOUGH SWIM; Sequin cutout jeans by MIKA REYES; Necklace by ODDITIES

A starlet’s start

“I was a girl with full dreams and aspirations in life.” Like many of us, Anji wanted nothing more than for her dreams to turn into reality. However, the difference is she was already determined to make it happen sooner rather than later. “I know that I have always aspired to be an artista, ever since I was a kid. Entertainment and performing in front of a crowd [has always given] me a sense of fulfillment,” shared Anji when asked about her biggest goal when she was younger. She also mentioned how never in her wildest dreams did she ever think that anything remotely close to what she wanted would come true. “I just tried to chase my dreams. But because of the people who supported me, I am where I am today.”

Anji Salvacion Megastyle magazine cover
Moto jacket and denim skirt from IT’S VINTAGE VINTAGE; Mesh swimsuit by TOQA; Snakeskin boots by GUILTY PLEASHOES; Jewelry by TRINKETS

Anji Salvacion isn’t an alumna of just one reality show on local television, but two. She first joined Idol Philippines in 2019, performing Christina Perri’s “Jar of Hearts” in front of an esteemed panel of judges, namely Regine Velasquez, Vice Ganda, James Reid, and Moira Dela Torre. While the young hopeful only made it until the show’s Do or Die Round, it didn’t stop her from pushing forward. She then ended up becoming part of the cast of the miniseries called Unloving U, where she also recorded some songs for the official soundtrack.

Anji Salvacion Megastyle magazine cover shoot
Leather jacket from IT’S VINTAGE VINTAGE; One-piece jumper by TOQA; Rings by PENNY PAIRS

Fast forward to two years later, Anji once again joined another local reality TV show: Pinoy Big Brother: Kumunity Season 10, dubbing her as the “Singing Sweetheart ng Siargao.” Only this time, she already began gaining traction from also becoming a mainstay performer on ASAP Natin ‘To, which is why she entered as a celebrity housemate instead of a regular one. Little did she know that, along the way, despite not ending up as Idol Philippines’ first ever winner, she still unknowingly manifested a different win after beating her fellow Final Four housemates by a landslide. “My life drastically changed after winning the PBB. I wasn’t afraid; rather, I was more concerned that I might not be able to live up to my supporters’ expectations.”

“I felt so lucky to be on both shows, and the experiences I gained and the lessons I learned molded me into a strong, independent woman.”

Anji Salvacion Megastyle magazine cover shoot
Top and skirt by TOQA; Pearl jewelry by SPACE SKILL PIXIE

The ups and downs

As a young woman trying to navigate her way around showbiz, Anji wasn’t hesitant in sharing one of the most important lessons that she has learned so far. “Be open to constructive criticism and ignore the negative [commentary].” She also wasn’t afraid to admit that, in the past few years since gracing our TV screens, she has already experienced both good and bad moments in her career, simply proving that it’s not all fun and games in front of the cameras.

Anji Salvacion Megastyle magazine cover shoot

Despite the highs and lows that the industry comes with, the 20-year old still very much considers being able to live her dream at a young age as nothing but an advantage. “I am just so grateful and thankful to God and to the people who supported me on this journey. Without them and without God, I don’t think I’d be here right now. Starting early in the industry is an advantage because, in my case, I was able to help my family financially.”

Anji Salvacion Megastyle magazine cover shoot
One-piece swimsuit by TOQA; Jewelry by PENNY PAIRS

Creative touch

As a woman who’s only in her early 20s, it goes without saying that Anji is on an ongoing journey in figuring out her own style, whether it be in fashion or music. When asked about her fashion must-haves or go-to’s, she mentioned, “A halter of any color, white sneakers, and a good pair of baggy jeans or pants, which can be denim or not.” In fact, a good pair of jeans is actually one of the two pieces that Anji can’t live without, the other being a denim jacket. This simply goes to show that the singer-actress opts for stylish outfits that ultimately bring her comfort, even if she also loves to experiment with fashion as she tries on different trends.

Anji Salvacion Megastyle magazine cover shoot
Necklace and waistband by SPACE SKULL PIXIE

Anji explained that it is essential for the youth to be open to checking out and trying on different looks, styles, and pieces to be able to eventually figure out what works and what doesn’t. She added, “It’s important because you will definitely know what type of clothes you like and what type of style and aesthetic fit you. In addition, you’ll have a [broader] vision of fashion.”

Anji Salvacion Megastyle magazine cover shoot

Apart from fashion, Anji, who started her career in the entertainment industry as an aspiring singer, also shared with MEGAStyle her inspirations in music, which include the likes of Ella Fitzgerald, Louie Armstrong, Ben&Ben, former Idol Philippines judge Moira Dela Torre, Olivia Rodrigo, and Alessia Cara, whom she would love to duet or collaborate with given how she connects with the latter’s lyrics. With the list of artists she looks up to, it’s pretty evident that Anji has a wide range of interests involving music. “I’m the kind of person who enjoys music regardless of genre, as long as the song’s lyrics are something I can relate to.”

Anji Salvacion Megastyle magazine cover shoot

Next season

After only being in showbiz for less than a handful of years, there’s still quite a lot more in store for the young star. But even if no one fully knows exactly what her next season will be about, Anji still voiced out her willingness to continue. “I don’t really know what the future holds, but one thing is for sure: I will always carry with me the will to love, help, inspire others, and put a smile on everyone’s faces.” And since there’s still so much to look forward to, Anji also added that she will continue to grow personally and professionally by always having the hunger to learn.

Anji Salvacion Megastyle magazine cover shoot

From starting out as a teenager who wanted nothing more than to make her dreams come true to becoming one of the most sought-after artists in the local entertainment industry, Anji, who now has her very own EP released in 2022 and a new single that dropped just yesterday, ends her chat with MEGAStyle with inspiring words to young individuals who also dream of making it big in showbiz: “Never give up on your dreams easily, always work hard and invest goodwill in everyone, and learn to be receptive to constructive criticism as it will help you improve your weaknesses. Most importantly, always choose to be kind, even if you’ve already been hurt because for sure, there will be good in return for all the pain that you’ve been through.”

Anji Salvacion Megastyle magazine cover shoot

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