Anne Curtis Keeps It Simple On Her Six Star Journey

Anne Curtis Keeps It Simple On Her Six Star Journey


The actress and host shares her take on health, fitness, and wellness as a mom and aspiring world marathoner

For Anne Curtis, when it comes to what she can achieve, the limit does not exist. This go-getter attitude and positive outlook on life mark her as among the country’s top influencers. Aside from that, her great looks and physique have many women setting her on a pedestal as fitspiration and are likewise calling her “body goals.” But what does the actress and host have to say about how she achieves a balance of fitness and wellness?

First and foremost, she says her personal approach to fitness and wellness was to start simple. She says she prioritized finding something that she enjoyed doing and that makes her feel good. Not only should she enjoy and feel good, but what she does should also inspire her to become a better version of herself. For others on this path to fitness and wellness, she advises them to find that “something” too, whether it be through movement or through a more holistic approach. This way, you—like her—could attain and maintain the goals you have.

In line with that, she says that she has always enjoyed running to keep up her physique. “So finding a good pair of running shoes, running belt, and water bottle, plus headphones, has always been a must! Plus, a yoga mat that’s a good mix of cushiony and firm is always nice to have,” she says of her go-to workout accessories.

However, as with many other new moms, pregnancy affected her outlook on fitness and her physique. To that, Anne says, “[Being that this is] my first time to experience the journey of motherhood, it’s pretty much put my fitness journey to [a] halt. I only started running again this year. Physique and fitness [weren’t] on top of [my mind] the past three years although I do admit I felt the need to get my endurance up again now that my little one is running around and is getting heavier to carry, so it’s time to work on that so I can keep up with her.”

During the period that her fitness was put to a halt, Anne also mentioned that she didn’t diet either because she was breastfeeding her daughter Dahlia. Notably, this is the healthy choice for all new moms as dieting and entering into a caloric deficit negatively affects milk supply. In terms of getting back into shape after giving birth, Anne just says, “I think maybe going for a nice long [walk] pushing Dahlia around in her stroller around the parks helped, but that was pretty much it.”

Aside from wanting to increase her endurance to keep up with her growing daughter, Anne says she’s also doing this to reach her goal. Her goal? She wants to finish all the Abbott World Marathon Majors. This means that she’s on the famous Six Star Journey to ultimately earn the elusive Six Star Medal. Anyone dedicated enough can get the Six Star Medal if they finish the Tokyo Marathon, Boston Marathon, TCS London Marathon, BMW Berlin Marathon, Bank of America Chicago Marathon, and TCS New York City Marathon. Notably, the great thing about this achievement is that there’s no time limit—you can complete all six races in any order and at any point in your lifetime.

Anne is closer than others to reaching this goal as she had already run the New York City Marathon in 2016, which she finished in under five hours. Meanwhile, she had run the London Marathon in 2018 with a time of five hours and 12 minutes. Next, she’s training to finish the Tokyo Marathon on March 5, which she had only decided to push through with on January 1. Notably, her Tokyo Marathon participation had been a deferred entry from 2019. To this, Anne says, “[This] gives me just under two months to train. It’s pretty crazy. But let’s see how it goes!”

“As I am set to run the Tokyo marathon on March 5, it’s been really a mental and physical challenge to get back into the zone of running long distances again. But I decided to get a coach to help me with the limited time I have. It’s been five years since my last marathon, so I am hoping my muscle memory kicks in. Each day is unlocking new goals and distances that’s really helped me stay determined in reaching my goal—which at this point is to just finish,” Anne ends with a laugh. 

Throughout this journey, Anne also says that her daughter and family continue to be her inspiration. She says, “I want to stay fit and healthy for them. I also do it for myself to feel good and strong.”

Looking ahead, Anne says her next goal after finishing the Tokyo Marathon is to tone her body and build a little bit of muscle so she can carry Dahlia around effortlessly while she’s still young. Speaking on why these goals are important to her, she says, “It definitely gives you a feeling of being empowered by doing something for yourself that inspires and makes you feel good.”

Speaking from experience, Anne has advice for other new moms getting back into the swing of an active lifestyle. She says, “Take your time. There’s no rush in needing to get back to your old self right away. Enjoy the journey of motherhood especially when they’re so young because they’re only that small once.”

Anne adds, “Having said that though, it also doesn’t mean you have to forget about yourself completely. You will know when the time is right for [when to] start or achieve the goals you have. And can easily figure out how to balance everything. That doesn’t happen overnight but you WILL be able to figure it out. Also, don’t compare yourself to other women/mamas. Everyone has their own unique journey!”

And with summer fast approaching, Anne only has one thing left to say for women working to achieve a summer-ready body: “Again keep it simple! Set goals that you know you can achieve. Don’t stress so much!”

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