Anne Curtis Reveals How Motherhood Has Changed Her Priorities

Anne Curtis Reveals How Motherhood Has Changed Her Priorities


MEGA August 2021 cover star Anne Curtis opens up about taking her time with motherhood and her businesses.

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It wouldn’t be fair for the readers not to discuss the recent addition to her family unit, Dahlia.It wasn’t exactly a secret when two years ago, she and her husband, Erwan (Heussaff—online personality, celebrity foodie, and entrepreneur) flew to Australia for Anne to take a break from show business and enjoy her pregnancy before finally giving birth to her daughter down under. And while a highly publicized life is something Anne is very accustomed to, welcoming Dahlia to that world she lives in has been a conjugal decision that the two tread carefully.

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Privacy and safety all considered, their daughter’s growing up years would be left for their families to relish. Anne shares both she and Erwan want their daughter to finish her studies first before assimilating into the limelight, should she decide to do so. And they promise full support in whatever decision Dahlia makes. Today, Anne’s effervescent glow reflects how much she has been enjoying motherhood so far, “It’s been amazing! I’m happy that I have this time as well to spend with Dahlia. Being a first-time mom, it’s a lot of fun. It has its ups and downs, of course. There are a lot of struggles, and there are a lot of things I’m still learning about. And I still learn every day from Dahlia. But it’s been such a beautiful journey so far, and I love every moment of it.”

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When the global health crisis swept the world by storm, the three were still in Australia. It was a bittersweet period for the family unit. While they were tucked in, safe from a less than fortunate experience elsewhere, they were miles away from loved ones. And Anne so longed to share Dahlia with their families, who all waited in eager anticipation for their return. She tears up, recalling those moments, “You know, irreplaceable kasi din the moments that when I saw my dad meet Dahlia for the first time. Those are moments that you know—it’s worth it.”

“I think everyone naman goes through that whole emotional roller coaster in this pandemic. It makes you really value the time lost and the time that you’re given.


“Coming back, of course, I missed the Showtime family. I miss that lifestyle. But at the same time, I couldn’t give up my time as a mother. That’s why I think I’ve made that decision to kind of slow down. But I will be going back eventually, I think when Dahlia’s a little older,” Anne elucidates. It is in moments like these when Anne gets to reminisce, consider, and muse about learnings.

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She has admittedly slowed down, due to the limitations of our current situation and evidently, the needs of her newborn. But that hasn’t stopped her from unbreakable habits. Even while away from the camera, she is consistently on the hustle, taking care of Dahlia and a trio of co-founded businesses (some established mid-pandemic).

“It [the pandemic] has also given me more time to focus on businesses. Where before, I really wouldn’t have that time to be super hands-on. I was with BLK Cosmetics with my partners as Creative Director. But more so now—at the back-end of things and really having the time to learn about it. That’s really helped with the time I’ve been given now. Whereas I don’t have such a hectic schedule. My hectic schedule now is really… The free time I have—is Dahlia’s naps,” she quips.

Striped sweater, Monogram Skirt, Rings, and Capucines BB in Snow, all by LOUIS VUITTON

With more focused participation in her businesses (BLK, Recess, and Tili Dahli), is Anne Curtis thinking of more concepts to launch? “I think that’s enough. Now, it’s super overwhelming, but it’s fun!” she assures. “I’m happy to be working with partners wherein we kind of all complement one another. So it’s been helpful for me. But now being so hands-on with the businesses, I realize just how overwhelming and how hard it is to really juggle. I think three businesses is enough for now, definitely.”

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