Anne Curtis Shares What Gives Her the Power to Do it All

Anne Curtis Shares What Gives Her the Power to Do it All


Keep reading to find out how Anne Curtis gets to do everything on her plate every single day.

“I would like to be able to teleport! It would really be great to travel to different places in a snap of a finger.” These were the quick words of multi-hyphenate celebrity Anne Curtis when asked which superpower she would want to have. A superwoman in her own right, Anne is known to pour 100% into every hat she wears—an actress, singer, host, brand endorser, entrepreneur, wife, and mother.

Through her social media posts, Anne has been able to take her fans to memorable travels with her family around the world. Teleporting is pretty much the perfect superpower for someone who is always on-the-go and strives to be on top of everything that she does.

With a semblance of post-quarantine normalcy in place now, Anne continues her role as a hands-on mom while easing back into her entertainment career. She is also looking forward to acting again while simultaneously managing her businesses like BLK Cosmetics, Our Recess, and Tili Dahli.

The power to do it all

In reality, Anne may not be able to literally teleport to different places, but what comes close enough is having fast mobile Internet wherever she is. All these years, her mobile network of choice has always been Smart, which empowers her to do more and achieve more, almost like a superpower. “It helps me by getting my work done easier—connecting with my business partners and team via Slack and Zoom calls even if we aren’t in the office, and uploading work posts easily at top speed,” she shared. “Plus, Smart provides reliable service for the apps I absolutely cannot live without: Spotify, Flipboard, YouTube, Google Maps, and Instagram!”

Hailed as the Philippines’ fastest and best mobile network by Ookla, the global leader in broadband and mobile network intelligence, Smart empowers subscribers to live the life they want with its fastest Internet speed and widest network coverage.

“I always get excited to hear about the new campaigns I’m set to do with [Smart] as I get to be the first to know about the amazing things [they have] in store for everyone!” she exclaimed.

Just like Anne, you too can experience the power of Smart by switching to the power you deserve, and live your life to the fullest without changing your number through Mobile Number Portability, a service that can be conveniently booked online and at Smart stores nationwide.

With the country’s fastest speed, you can enjoy quick browsing of websites and apps, upload and download large files in seconds, stream HD videos seamlessly, play mobile games without lag, and share content on social media in real-time, and so much more. Apart from that, with the widest network coverage, you can stay connected wherever you are. Switch to the power you deserve now.

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