Anntonia Porsild is Officially in Manila and Here’s What You Should Know

Anntonia Porsild is Officially in Manila and Here’s What You Should Know


Miss Universe Thailand 2023 Anntonia Porsild just arrived in the Philippines and here are few things you should know about her trip

Although pageant season has ended, it doesn’t mean that the former candidates are keeping their activities on a downlow. As a matter of fact, they have more time on their hands right now, and there are some who are making time for international flights. A perfect example of this would be the schedule of Miss Universe Thailand 2023 Anntonia Porsild, and her stop in the Philippines—a collaboration with MEGA Magazine that was kept in secret until now. 

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Since she’s officially in the Manila, here’s what you should know about the beauty queen and her upcoming activities in the Philippines. 

anntonia porsild
Anntonia strikes a pose for her fans at the airport

The arrival look

The odds are on Anntonia’s favor because she arrived looking effortlessly chic after her flight with Philippine Airlines. She made sure she flew with comfort and style as seen on her airport outfit, which consisted of a black tank top and flared bottoms. Despite her night time flight, the beauty queen looked well-rested once she landed, all thanks to Philippine Airlines who made sure that from her flight was comfortable and her process of exiting the airport was seamless. The best part of her arrival was that her closest friend during the competition, Miss Universe Philippines 2023 Michelle Dee, was there at the airport to welcome her.

anntonia porsild style
Anntonia Porsild at the airport before her flight to the Philippines
michelle dee and anntonia porsild
Michelle Dee welcomes Anntonia Porsild at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport

Ready for the press

It’s not a complete schedule without a little noise, and we’re doing just that with Anntonia’s press conference, which will happen at KAO Manila at 8:00PM. Since the details are already official, we’re just hoping a surprising appearance of Michelle will happen once again. 

anntonia porsild
Filipino fans welcome Anntonia at the airport

Photos: MISS UNIVERSE PH (via Instagram)

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