Anthony Ramirez Turns Picture-Perfect Visions To Reality

Anthony Ramirez Turns Picture-Perfect Visions To Reality


Anthony Ramirez has long been a crowd favorite. And by crowd, I mean the cream of the crop. His long list of clientele includes many influential people. From celebrities to politicians—his designs are favored for their edge on other designs. As he debuts a new collection at the MEGA Fashion Week, Anthony once again proves that his imagination can perfectly translate to reality.

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With bright color painting the runway, Anthony’s creations has completely changed the way we see fashion. Structures and textures fuse for a collection that stands out from the whole crowd. The dramatic music and lights only added flair to the show.

Seeing him work backstage, we see him pay attention down to the smallest detail. We have witnessed Anthony modify even the slightest touch in the way the fabrics fall and the tinge of colors on the muses’ make up. Through the show we have seen Anthony’s psychedelic dreams and colorful visions perfectly rendered on fabrics.

Photography by Yukie Sarto

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