APARA: Where Practical Fashion, Style and Comfort Meet

APARA: Where Practical Fashion, Style and Comfort Meet


These fuss-free neutral pieces make the best perfect go-to outfit for when you’re out and about.

For some of us, the complex landscape brought by the pandemic has taught us to simplify. This is clearly seen in many people’s fashion choices. After months in quarantine, practical fashion is the necessity and it’s what’s in vogue. 

This is one of APARA’s intentions—to be the kind of fashion that the practical woman needs and desires. Together, the local brand’s four co-founders thoughtfully designed apparel that sates today’s higher need for functional, comfortable and sustainable clothing. The hard work of APARA’s practical pieces show in its chic yet subtle fashion. It is far from loud nor is it too simple. 

Each piece takes you into a minimalist path. The designs and small selection of 3 neutral hues allow you to explore its versatility. Mixing and matching is no problem with this functional collection. 

Its sustainability is not only rooted from its adaptability, it goes much deeper than that. This local brand’s apparel was not only carefully thought of, but also, intricately crafted. They are made out of a heavyweight cotton blend, which possess heavy duty threads that overall make a more durable product. This is why APARA is all for the cause of repetition or reusing clothing again and again—simply because, it can. 

While it definitely falls under the trend of minimalism, this clothing line doesn’t sacrifice style and quality. APARA’s practical pieces is embellished with elegant mother of pearl buttons. You can also expect high caliber made clothing that boasts of Filipino pride as they are created by a Philippine-based factory that has been catering local and international brands for 35 years already. 

You’ll know what we mean by APARA’s practical, comfy and stylish pieces with a quick view of the trendy garments below. 

You can embrace this small-batch brand’s “less is more” approach to dressing and way of living by ordering through their newly established website or through a direct message in their Instagram page. Their scope of delivery reaches Asia, Australia, North America, Europe and all of the Philippines. 

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