APM Monaco Unveils its First Store in Okada and a Collection Worn by Charles Leclerc

APM Monaco Unveils its First Store in Okada and a Collection Worn by Charles Leclerc


French jewelry brand APM Monaco carves their place at Okada Manila with their inaugural store, including new pieces inspired by Formula 1 driver, Charles Leclerc

French jewelry brand APM Monaco makes its grand entrance into the Philippines within the opulent enclave of Okada Manila’s Retail Boulevard. The premiere store draws jewelry connoisseurs with its shining lure as Monaco’s classic personality melds with Manila’s contemporary ambiance. But, this isn’t just another pit stop; it’s a high-octane affair fueled by the presence of the collections campaigned by none other than Formula 1 driver, Charles Leclerc.

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APM Monaco's Okada Launch Shows Charles Leclerc Collections
Charles Leclerc wears the Yummy Bear necklace

Known for his lightning-fast maneuvers on the Formula 1 circuit, Leclerc races the world of fashion jewelry as the face of APM Monaco’s latest campaign. As the brand’s ambassador, Leclerc embodies the speed and sophistication of style, donning new pieces from the Yummy, Monaco, and Morse Code collections.

The collaboration between APM Monaco and Leclerc represents a rather well-formulation to a certain demographic: racing and fashion. With Leclerc at the wheel of this campaign, APM Monaco’s jewelry become symbols of raw horsepower, untamed prestige, and blazing flair.

APM Monaco's Okada Launch Shows Charles Leclerc Collections
Charles Leclerc wears necklaces from the Monaco collection

The genesis of APM Monaco traces back to the picturesque setting of Monaco, Monte-Carlo, in 1982. Founded by Ariane Prette, the brand’s origins are steeped in a rich line of craftsmanship. Renowned for their expertise in working with gold, diamonds, and other precious gemstones, the Prette family earned acclaim as key manufacturers for jewelers worldwide.

Her son, CEO Philippe Prette, envisioned reimagining modern aesthetic value, fueled by decades of passion and expertise in the jewelry industry. Teaming up with his wife, Creative Director Kika Prette, APM Monaco was born. Today, APM Monaco shines as a leader in silver jewelry innovation, mesmerizing audiences with its exceptional designs.

Yet, Philippe isn’t just your average CEO—he’s a force to be reckoned with on the racetrack as well. With an impressive track record spanning 96 professional competitions since 2005, including victories in the Ferrari Challenge Asia-Pacific in 2017 and 2018, Philippe brings a winning spirit and a passion for performance to everything he touches.

APM Monaco's Okada Launch Shows Charles Leclerc Collections
APM Monaco opens its first store in Okada Manila

But his impact doesn’t stop at the finish line. Philippe is also a staunch supporter of young athletes, sponsoring various sports year-round to nurture the dreams of the next generation of champions. With his racing pedigree and commitment to fostering talent, Philippe understands excellence knows no bounds and dreams take flight, such as the one for APM Monaco: sustainability.

APM Monaco is committed to sustainability, integrating eco-friendly materials like compostable plastic, FSC carton boxes, and recycled fabrics in their production process. Each piece undergoes meticulous handcrafting, ensuring exceptional quality. Additionally, the company prioritizes reducing water usage, carbon footprint, and electricity consumption through advanced technologies. The brand’s APM Wonderland Program further promotes environmental sustainability and innovation, with initiatives such as recycling sterling silver. This relentless commitment to sustainability sets APM Monaco apart, elevating its creations to the epitome of craftsmanship.

APM Monaco's Okada Launch Shows Charles Leclerc Collections
Charles Leclerc wears bracelets from the Morse Code collection

Patrons are welcomed by an aura befitting a high-end event as APM Monaco reveals its new collections at Okada Manila. Positioned strategically within Retail Boulevard, the boutique’s façade—with its firm wood accents and deep navy hues—emanates a refined yet distinctly strong vibe, drawing visitors with its commanding presence.

APM Monaco’s debut in the Philippines surpasses conventional retail expansion as it involves the grand evolution of the Entertainment City gaming strip. As Okada Manila welcomes APM Monaco, with new collections campaigned by Charles Leclerc,  it’s the roaring start of a new era where the worlds of high-stakes racing and high-end jewelry collide in spectacular fashion.

Photos and Featured Image: APM MONACO

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