Are Brazilians Out? Here's What Wink Laser Studio Has to Say!

Are Brazilians Out? Here's What Wink Laser Studio Has to Say!


Summer is coming up, and lot of us are excitedly preparing to hit the pool or the beach, with getting rid of unwanted hair as one of our main concerns. Surely many of us are familiar with the plethora of hair removal options; the real challenge is finding one that suits us the best.
A popular option is Brazilian waxing, a treatment that includes pulling out the hairs, resulting in smooth skin for weeks. The process does contain many pros, such as the fact that it exfoliates the skin and that it is a relatively cheap option. However, those with a low pain tolerance might not still be used to the pain it entails, causing them to dread the next waxing session.

Thankfully, there is a solution for those of you who are tired of Brazilian waxing. Janna Alfeche of Wink Laser Studio shares to us the benefits of an alternative option: Brazilian laser hair removal.
I’ve been a regular client at Wink for quite some time now, as I find their waxing services to be quick, fuss-free and less painful than others. While I don’t mind coming back every month, it was recommended for me to try their laser hair removal, and since then, it has piqued my curiosity.
“Most of our clients usually start with Brazilian waxing then eventually, they switch to laser,” Janna starts, adding that personally, she recommends this treatment because it is ideal for those with a low pain tolerance. “We always inform our clients that the laser treatment will not be completely painless; there will be a slight discomfort but it won’t last long. You can also expect the interval of your laser sessions to be longer (6 weeks interval) compared to Brazilian wax (4 weeks interval).”

In addition to this, laser hair removal also ends up being more cost effective in the long run. “Our Brazilian wax costs P800, so if you have monthly waxing sessions, that’s P9,600 in a year and P96,000 in ten years. For Brazilian laser hair removal, a package of 12 sessions costs P36,000. The recommended number of sessions for this is around 6-12 sessions, so it might even cost you a little less,” Janna shares.
A fair warning to those of you who are getting ready to book a laser hair removal appointment: if you just came from the beach, it is best to book an appointment 2-3 weeks after your latest sun exposure. “Sunburnt skin is not suitable for any laser treatments,” Janna tells me, adding, “Also, it is best that there is a presence of hair and that you have not waxed or tweezed for around four weeks.”
So if you’ve been asking yourself whether or not to take that leap, you have your answer.

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