Are You on the Curvier Side? Here are 5 Styling Tips to Learn from Ashley Graham

Are You on the Curvier Side? Here are 5 Styling Tips to Learn from Ashley Graham


The gorgeous Ashley Graham has always been promoting body positivity, inspiring us to flaunt our bodies, no matter what body shape we have. As the 30-year-old fights for more size diversity in the fashion industry, we have noticed that she has an endless supply of knowledge when it comes to dressingup her curvy body. Here are 5 of her top styling tips:
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1. Find the perfect bra
For the supermodel, the first step to a great wardrobe is to find a proper-fitting bra. She shares to Glamour that curvy women often choose bras that are too small, creating discomfort and weird proportions. “My motto is it starts with the bra. Plus, you can show your lingerie off underneath your clothes–it will make you feel all kinds of sexy.”

2. Cross-body clothes create curves
“Creating a waist is key to any body shape. Cross-body draping works to create curves through the midsection–like my favorite Vivienne Westwood dress,” Ashley told Glamour, adding that you can also get pieces nipped in the waist by your tailor.

3. Shopping for jeans? Try out her “squat test”
In a video for Vogue, Ashley showed us that when shopping for jeans, she does the “squat test” to see if they are the perfect fit. If they have stayed in place after doing lunges, then she says that’s how you know they’re a good pair.

4. High-waisted bottoms if you carry weight in your lower stomach
When it comes to wearing high-waisted bottoms, she shared this to Glamour: “My tip is to have at least my belly bottom covered, since I carry the weight in my stomach low, and that’s most flattering.” She often pairs this with crop tops to flatter her silhouette.

5. Wear a crop top if your bottom is baggyMany of us love wearing baggy clothes for both style and comfort, but for curvy women, it can get easy to lose your figure. Ashley shows us that wearing a baggy bottom with a crop top will create the illusion of a natural waist.

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