Artful Sensibilities Shine in This 7th Anniversary Show

Artful Sensibilities Shine in This 7th Anniversary Show


Breaking free from the academic confines, Robbie Santos revels in his seventh year as a fashion designer, unveiling his latest collection in a dazzling spectacle that reflects his artistic prowess and keen eye for style

Life’s journey can seem like a sprint sometimes, making us believe we’re trailing in the race towards our aspirations. But on October 25, amidst the elegance of the Marriott Grand Ballroom, fashion designer Robbie Santos unveiled his newest 84-look collection to not just celebrate his seven years in fashion, but also the profound truth that our dreams, like timeless couture, are stitched by our own hands.

Robbie is the mind behind the label Septième Rebelle, which translates to “Seventh Rebel” in English. For him, the brand’s core essence and meaning inspired him to deliver a grand celebration to mark his seventh year in the field. In an exclusive interview, the Filipino designer offered a closer glimpse into his work, his passion, and the philosophy that fuels his creative spirit.

A tube dress with an embellished strap
A tube dress with an embellished strap

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Fearless fashion

Robbie shared that his eyes widened with awe as he stepped into the grand ballroom, and his heart immediately raced with a mix of nervousness and excitement. “It was intimidating,” he confessed, expressing both doubt and determination. Surrounded by the echoes of past bridal fashion shows, he questioned whether his vision of sleek, sexy designs could shine in the said space. Yet, despite the apprehensions, he successfully turned the venue into a runway for his artistic expression. Robbie also took a moment to acknowledge the people who helped him breathe life into his ideas. “I don’t think I would have been able to mount something this big if I did not work with a very good team,” he reflected, his gratitude shining through.

Sleek allure meets striking elegance in a crepe dress adorned with fringe beadwork
Sleek allure meets striking elegance in a crepe dress adorned with fringe beadwork

Embrace your edge

Titled Devenir, which means “to become” in French, Santos describes his latest offering as a unique exploration of self-realization through fashion. Designed to effortlessly traverse various occasions, from casual, chic daytime outings to resort getaways and even formal corporate events, the collection aims to encourage wearers to explore and experiment with their sense of style, allowing them to define their own fashion narrative.

An ensemble featuring Robbie's own ECG result
Fashion and tech unite in this wool coat, pants, and cotton shirt with an ECG-inspired design

Every piece, whether tailored for men or women, that made its way down the runway epitomized Robbie’s unique design sensibility. The meticulous beadwork, playful zig-zag patterns, opulent embroidered accents, bold asymmetric cuts, and inventive approaches to revealing skin tastefully highlighted the designer’s prowess. During our conversation, he also divulged that one of his personal favorite looks incorporated his very own electrocardiogram (ECG) results as a pattern. It undeniably marked a fashion moment, allowing his heart to shine, both quite literally and figuratively.

Celebrating choices

“I cannot help but feel grateful. I’m able to do what I like.”

Robbie on his decision to pursue a career in fashion

In the designer’s eyes, his latest collection serves as a testament to more than just his presence in the fashion industry; it embodies his journey of self-discovery following a 15-year tenure as a teacher. “Finding your true passion is like seeing light at the end of a tunnel,” he mentioned. Despite not starting early on, the designer demonstrated that the pursuit of one’s desires knows no time or limits. He shared that the simple act of waking up each morning, knowing that he would be sketching, selecting fabrics, or conducting fittings brings him immense joy, underscoring that some things are genuinely worth the wait and effort.

Robbie Santos celebrates his 7th year in the fashion scene
Exuding confidence in a black brocade and organza gown
Robbie Santos unveils his newest collection
Sculpted form-fitting silk bustier with a stretch cotton skirt followed by a striped sheer train

Designing tomorrow

“I’m quite a patient person, and I’ve always believed that the success of my label happens little by little—one dress at a time, one outfit at a time.” Seven years may have passed, but for Robbie, it’s just the inception of his limitless fashion ambitions. As the night drew to a close, MEGA, together with other publications, shared the same question: What more does this designer dream to achieve next? Brimming with passion, he replied, “Maybe we can do this as an annual affair.”

Robbi Santos' final bow
Robbie Santos gracefully taking his farewell bow


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