At BYS Fashion Week Day One, Beauty is Beyond Next-Level

At BYS Fashion Week Day One, Beauty is Beyond Next-Level


Constantly pushing for creativity and expression, BYS Fashion Week is leaving enthusiasts in full awe. As for its first installment of the year, the showcase brought together Rafa Worldwide, Antonina, Ha.Mu, and Randolf Clothing. Creativity certainly reigned the style stratosphere as every designer exhibited a renewed sense of play on the runway. But of course, our attention is also fixated on the accompanying beauty looks.

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Pam Prinster BYS Fashion Week Day One
Randolf Clothing BYS Fashion Week Day One

The creative escapism was balanced by the quintessential goth, cheeky references, and, in other cases, out-of-this-world artistry. BYS continues to hold its rightful title as a site of next-level beauty inspirations that inevitably raise standards. Rafa Worldwide, for example, was born of the 90s grunge culture. Meanwhile, for Randolf Clothing, hair and makeup eschewed all forms of basicness. 

Nadine Lustre BYS Fashion Week Day One

“BYS Fashion Week 2023 is definitely more focused on showcasing the creativity of designers and makeup artists this season,” Gery Penaso, head of makeup said in an exclusive interview. “From the location, and models to the beauty direction, everything is perfectly tailored to fit the designers’ vision.” From futuristic ornamentation to blush draping, beauty is undeniably defined by all things visionary. Here are five rule-bending beauty trends fresh from the BYS Fashion Week day one runway. 

The rise and rise of 90s grunge 

90s Grunge Rafa Worldwide BYS Fashion Week Day One

While nostalgic beauty references are becoming more and more quintessential in the runways, BYS Fashion Week showcased a new wave of 90s grunge that comes with a modern edge. Backstage for Rafa Worldwide, Gery Penaso referenced a hyper ballad gothic look for the show’s beauty direction. As for the brief? Extremely thin brows, vampy lips, and spider lashes. Moreover, this theme continued to escalate at Ha.Mu’s presentation. In this case, bleached brows and smoky red eyeshadows became the key elements of each look. 

Bleached brows take the stage 

Bleached brows Randolf Clothing
Bleached Brows Ha.Mu

The brow inspiration for this installation appears to come from the opposite ends of its preternatural perfection nature. Think of the notorious thin and bleached brows, as seen at Randolf Clothing’s showcase. A similar motif finish was evident at Ha.Mu where beauty direction was offset by a variation of the no-brow look. And with its prevalence in the global scene, this may just be the era where we are paying less attention to our brows.

The return of colored lids 

Colored Lids Randolf Clothing

The first installment of the fashion week certainly made one thing clear: more is definitely more in terms of eye makeup. Take your cues from Rafa Worldwide, where gaze-encasing eyes are stamped with moody eyeshadows, statement wings, and colored lash lines; or Randolf Clothing, where washes of pearlescent shimmer and bright. That is to say, the time has arrived when the beauty sphere has fully reconciled with colored lips. And that alone brings back the joy of playing with makeup again. 

Back to the future

Futuristic Makeup Randolf Makeup

The ode to futurism continues to be prevalent on the runway as beauty directions take otherworldly influence from beyond the skies and the present tense. At Antonina, Gery Penaso veneered the look to a more dampened territory with electrifying elements like metallic detailings and diffusions of blue and silver shadows. Meanwhile, shimmering flecks of shadows encircled eyes for a futuristic effect at Randolf Clothing.

Oh, it’s a blush affair 

Camille Co Ha.Mu BYS Fashion Week 2023

Every showcase skewed forward-thinking takes on color play, but an over-the-shoulder analysis of the looks that have threaded through runways reveals a penchant for blush. Gery Penaso relied on the draping technique when painting color at Ha.Mu. Elsewhere, at Randolf Clothing, blush is specifically at the apples of the cheek. As for the result? A dainty and playful look that perfectly complements the collection.


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