Skincare Retail Therapy is Right at the Palm of Your Hands

Skincare Retail Therapy is Right at the Palm of Your Hands


Avignon Clinic and it’s online shop brings world-class skincare to your doorstep

Let’s face it–retail therapy is everyone’s guilty pleasure whether we like it or not. The whole purpose of it is to simply get us out of the funk we’re in, which is exactly what Avignon Clinic aims to achieve with the Avignon Clinic Shop. Retail therapy can make us feel better and more beautiful, and since the online shop offers top-of-the-line beauty products, what more can we ask for? Yes, there already is a variety of e-commerce websites and social media stores that offer an extremely wide range of items, but the Avignon Clinic Shop specifically carries well-known, tried and tested beauty products perfect for every Filipino.

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From going out to going (more like shopping, really) online

Because of the effects of the global pandemic, beauty shopaholics ended up adapting to further online shopping to scratch their retail therapy itch. However, there are still a vast number of specific products that can’t be bought anywhere else aside from a brand’s actual or physical store, just like the exclusive products Avignon Clinic carries–but not anymore. The Avignon Clinic Shop provides an easier way to reach out to their new and loyal customers to ensure their patients keep up with their skincare regimen.

The Avignon Clinic Shop only offers the best of the best dermatologist and researcher-endorsed brands and products anyone can trust as these are even considered to be the “finalists” in a sea of shortlisted products. True to their promise to also bring global brands closer to home, they now offer exclusive brands that can only be sourced from countries like France, Italy, Spain, and the USA. One of the elite brands they proudly distribute is their most trusted laser device brand–iRestore. iRestore’s world-class products include the Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo, the Anti-Thinning Conditioner, the Anti-Hair Loss Serum, and the Laser Hair Growth System, a low-level laser therapy that stimulates hair follicles to grow thicker and fuller.

Shop ‘til you drop by heading over to Avignon Clinic Shop’s official website to bring your skincare regimen to the next level. You can pay via credit card or through a mobile banking app, and Avignon Clinic Shop will fulfill your delivery in as early as one to three days.

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