3 Ways to Avoid Facial Bloating During the Holiday Season

3 Ways to Avoid Facial Bloating During the Holiday Season


While the inevitable holiday festivities are certainly enjoyable, it can be a pain when you wake up not only with a hangover, but with facial bloating. I had a brief conversation with Dr. Jean Marquez, FPDS Chief Doctor and Dermatologist of DARE Clinic, regarding this problem, and she tells me that there are a number of factors that can cause a bloated face.

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“Excess alcohol intake, too much of ingredients that cause water retention and inflammation such as sugar, gluten, dairy, salt–these are things that can cause facial bloating,” says Dr. Marquez, referring to many of the treats we indulge in over the holidays. “You have to consider that the face can get bigger through water retention or fat.”

And for those of us who do experience this, there is only one thing on our minds: how on earth do we avoid them?

1. Live a healthy lifestyle

First of all, one can avoid facial bloating by avoiding triggers, eating more foods that are rich in fibers such as vegetables. Regular exercise and a good nights sleep are also two things Dr. Marquez recommends.

“I recommend taking probiotic capsules before sleeping to replenish good bacteria in the gut. You can also take some natural diuretics such as ginger, green tea and lemon in your water,” she says.

2. Home remedies

“To temporarily reduce swelling right away, you can put cold compress on your face or wash it with cold water,” says Dr. Marquez. She adds, however, that this is a more temporary solution; living a healthy, balanced lifestyle is the best option.

3. Undergo a treatment

Last but definitely not the least, clinics such as DARE Clinic also offer treatments to gently shape and contour the face. There is Refirme, which is a combination of radiofrequency and infrared therapy and also V Shape, which uses the same advanced technologies of Accent Ultra to painlessly tighten the skin and get rid of excess fats.

DARE Clinic is located at #30, Ground Floor, ENSA Building, Timog Avenue, Quezon City. 

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