Bang Pineda Showcases His Best Work Yet

Bang Pineda Showcases His Best Work Yet


Bang Pineda returns to the runway after five years with a new collection titled, “State of Bang”, made of three parts: Oceana, Tennis, and Paris

They say good things come in threes, and for Bang Pineda, this adage rings truer than ever. His latest collection, State of Bang, divided into three stunning segments—”Oceana”, “Tennis”, and “Paris”—is a demonstration of his diverse inspirations, divine interpretations, and dynamic ingenuity. But the designer didn’t stop at just three; he expanded his vision into a 60-piece collection, showcasing his ability to turn a triptych of themes into an interconnected elevated artwork, resulting in what might be his best work yet.

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Bang Pineda Reveals His Best Work Yet
Bang Pineda Reveals His Best Work Yet
Bang Pineda Reveals His Best Work Yet

The pandemic provided an opportunity for many creatives to reassess and reset their priorities. Bang Pineda had a time of strong creative fermentation. He turned this worldwide stop into a chance to look more deeply into his hobbies, creating designs that reflect the exquisite beauty of location, the excitement of sports, and the everlasting attraction of cities—specifically, the beach, tennis, and Paris.

Backstage, walking to and fro from room to room, where male models have their tousled like waves reminiscent of the oceanside wellness, Pineda shares his excitement and nervousness as if a tennis player aching to swing his racket to a winning streak. For the designer, it is the same feeling: after all, five years away from the spotlight is as daunting as being under it, as if like wandering the Louvre. Yet, what’s worse, is that you seldom get noticed anymore; it’s always better under a light. Pineda admitted that the five-year gap had built up both anticipation and anxiety, but his return felt more thrilling than ever.

Bang Pineda Reveals His Best Work Yet
Bang Pineda’s Oceana includes a multi-use denim bag
The denim bag can be transformed to a denim jacket

When asked about the inspirations behind his new collection, Pineda explained that it mirrors his “State of Bang”—a snapshot of his current state of mind. Having jetted in and out of Paris over the past few years, he developed a love affair with the city that’s now woven into his work. The pandemic served as a nostalgic reset button, reigniting his childhood love for tennis and rekindling his passion for beachside relaxation. These elements merged to shape the multifaceted theme of the collection.

“The first part is inspired by the ocean—you can see waves of beadwork and colors inspired by the sea, which is why I have denim. The second part is inspired by tennis, featuring neon elements,” he says. “It’s not literal tennis outfits but high-end outfits with tennis inspiration, including beadworks of tennis balls and even outfits with literal tennis balls. The last part is inspired by Paris in winter, with its gloomy gray hues and architectural influence.”

Bang Pineda Reveals His Best Work Yet
Playful accents are predominant in the collection, serving a Nautica-esque look for Oceana
Bang Pineda Reveals His Best Work Yet
Tennis balls are on full-on display for quirky touches

Pineda confidently stated that this collection represents an elevated version of his brand, not just a 2.0 but a 5.0. His plans include taking the collection to Paris for Men’s Fashion Week in January, showing his ambition to reach new heights—330 meters of it, if we’re of a specific world-famous structure in France.

Further, he hopes his clients will still feel the fun and power that characterize his brand but now in an elevated form of high-fashion streetwear. “I want them to still feel the old Bang, which is fun. But this time, Bang is about power, fun, and being yourself. The word is elevated—high fashion streetwear.”

The Paris segment incorporate large details like buttons and zippers

The designer fired off his latest salvo, and the industry relishes in delight for what promises to be a striking return to form. This is, quite optimistically and optimistically realistic, his best collection yet, one formed out of true elevation. His comeback sets off a revolution in a new generation of men’s fashion, blowing new trends, and reloading new contemporary style. Banng Pineda’s bold comeback is not just a splash, but a tidal wave—one that will undoubtedly be felt from Manila to Paris and Manila again.

Photographed by TIMOTHY DUENAS

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