This Local Eyewear Brand Helps You See Clearly with a Few Clicks

This Local Eyewear Brand Helps You See Clearly with a Few Clicks


Being able to take a good look at the world through a small piece of glass hits differently when your eyewear is thoughtfully made for you

Imagine a pleasurable eyewear buying experience. You get to pick from a plethora of different frame shapes, colors, and styles, without the hassle of booking an appointment but still lining up for ages, and waiting forever to finally see the world 20/20. We hate to shatter the illusion, but this description of fun may be far from reality. Glasses wearers are more familiar with the tedious fashion of eyewear shopping—not to mention the headache-inducing expenses. Local brand Baobab Eyewear seeks to reinvent such an experience.

The sophisticated and posh JACQ sunglasses that is a cross between a cat eye and a rectangular frame

Homegrown from the streets of Escolta, Manila, Baobab believes that choosing the right pair shouldn’t feel like a chore. Hence, they bring their A-game in transforming eyewear shopping into an activity that you’ll always look forward to doing every time you need to get your glasses changed.

More inclusive

Because it’s an accessory that you wear everyday, your glasses are undoubtedly one of the first few things people notice when they look at you. They essentially become part of your face and therefore determine your identity. So, why not choose a pair that speaks to you, and stand out among the crowd?

Baobab Eyewear’s sunglasses up close (from top to bottom): MIRANDA, KENNEDY, and ROSS

Through an array of thoughtfully designed and fairly priced eyewear for both adults and kids, Baobab sets its sights on helping you celebrate who you are. You can find a round, cat eye, square, pilot, or oversized frame that you can perfectly sport with your face shape. There’s SAMUEL, COHEN, and NICOLA to name a few.

Unique frames aside, the homegrown brand also serves you with chic sunglasses that complement your style, whether you’re going for the minimalist, the vintage, or the professional office look. Their most sought-after pair is WES, a perfect blend of feminine and masculine form that you can get in rich black, light blue gum, cashew brown, milk, and the classic animal print.  

More fun

On top of making you feel good about yourself, Baobab Eyewear eases your despair at having to go to the mall for the sake of seeing the world clearly. This local brand allows you to shop eyewear wherever and whenever, regardless if you’re at home bumming on the couch, at work reading through emails, or at someplace else just doing your thing.

The BOYD frames are your best bet at adding definition to wide and round faces

With Baobab, looking for eyewear is as exciting as swiping and scrolling through countless matches to find the one. You can choose from ordinary, clip-on, to Gadget Safe™, and sun adaptive lenses; present your doctor’s prescription if necessary; and have your glasses upgraded by Baobab’s in-house opticians—all of these in a series of hand gestures on your phone or your laptop. Then, when your perfect pair arrives, you can bid goodbye to standing long hours in queues and take on the world with your new-found love.

Much more meaningful

More than a brand, Baobab is an advocate of better eyewear and eye health education for their customers. It aims to raise awareness of the importance of quality eye healthcare services and thereby strengthen public support for eye healthcare programs.

Baobab Eyewear’s eyeglasses (from top to bottom): NOA in khaki, NIKO in lagoon, and GONZO in classic tort

Baobab does this by publishing infographics, guides, and articles, which you’ll need to help you care for both your eyes and your eyeglasses.

Ready to get your Baobab Eyewear? Shop through their website or their flagship stores in Shopee and Lazada, and get your specs delivered right to your doorstep. You can also find them on Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok.

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